"be careful at night.
don't wanna get caught by them critters."

That's what Tony told me the first day I met him.

In Jackson, Mississippi, there was a rumor going on that animals or what they called them, "critters" would go crazy at night and kill anything and anyone. Toby decides to get out of Texas and move to Mississippi where his aunt is and start a life there. And on his first day there, all he heard was
"The critters! I saw the critters!"


6. Chapter Six

T-the critters..

I saw t-them..

I was drunk a-and I was just roaming

around and started walking into the


Then I realized where I was at and I was 

Shocked that I even went out there.

T-then one big critter came towards me.

It had a deer's head with antlers a-and

a big body.

Then u-uh, two racoons came out from


I swear, I felt like I was bein' surrounded by

these damn critters.

I was frozen for a second, b-but I came

to my senses and screamed like a girl and

ran like my life depended on it, and it did!

Once I started runnin' all hell broke loose and

they started making noises and I heard hooves

tudderin' on the ground.

I wanted to look back if they were chasin' me,

but I told myself not to.

Then an owl came out of nowhere from the sky

and scratched me on the cheek!

You think a branch whacked me in the face!?!

You think I'm lyin' and makin' this bullshit up!! 

I would never do that!

How dare you!

Fine then, if you don't believe me, I want you

to go out at night, into the damn forest and see

what happens.

I know what I saw with my own two eye!

I never make something like that up!

Man, now you just pissed me off, go on, I 

don't wanna see yo face until tomorrow.

And I hope you have the same look on my face

once you see the critters.

And once you do, Ima punch right in the jaw for

doubting me!



I can't believe he just told me to leave! Of course I wasn't goin' to believe him, that was some whacka-manny story I have ever heard my my life! Now I'm pissed off! And I WILL go into the woods tonight. There ain't no damn critters out there! They just animals that hang out at night as usual! They ain't crazy, no dumb witch put a spell on 'em. They just wild animals that like to hang out with their buddies, that's all. And they ain't gone mess with me when I do go out there! I'm out!

Signing out,




That was short I bet. I've been busy with school lately and traveling soccer, I've been trying to find some time to update on my stories, but today I found some time, whoo-hoo! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to as well, because I have nothing going on tomorrow. Was that good? I hope it was. I'm really tired guys. Whacka-manny is something my parents or aunts and uncles say when I say something that doesn't make sense or isn't true lol. So I thought it would be good to use in the story since this is more of a country story and my parents are kind of country. Goodnight, maybe I'll update tomorrow! Like, comment? Byeee!


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