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  • Published: 25 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 18 Sep 2017
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"be careful at night.
don't wanna get caught by them critters."

That's what Tony told me the first day I met him.

In Jackson, Mississippi, there was a rumor going on that animals or what they called them, "critters" would go crazy at night and kill anything and anyone. Toby decides to get out of Texas and move to Mississippi where his aunt is and start a life there. And on his first day there, all he heard was
"The critters! I saw the critters!"


7. Chapter Seven

--> 11:50 

Later that night... 

I just wanna let you know

that whatever happens to you,

I'll always remember you as a 

good, nice, carin' man and I'm

sorry for this mornin' and my


I hope you ma-


You don't want my apology?

I'm trying to say sorry for my act-

I'm only doin' that because I think your

gonna get killed?

Man, fine!

If you wanna be like that, then go ahead! 



He can't say 'sorry' just because he thinks I'm gonna die. And I ain't either! It's just some stupid rumor goin' 'round this dumb town! I still can't get over how people can just believe somethin' like that! It's stupid. They're stupid! It's whatever. Alright. It's time to go out into the woods and see these damn critters, who can't walk like humans, can't talk and do other human shit. I lock my door just in case someone tries to steal something from me, and make my way to the woods. I don't live that far from the woods so I just walk there. It's really dark here and of course I'm scared because you don't know what could pop out in front of you. 

Cricket, cricket.

Cricket, cricket.

These damn crickets are loud. I hear some shuffling to my right and I almost break my neck trying to see who was there. All I hear is silence. I stand where I am for a solid twenty minutes.

Man, there's nothing really out here besides these damn bugs. I decide to walk back because I wasn't going to stay out here all night. I begin to walk back until I hear a voice.

"Don't you know better than to come out here at night? especially by yourself?" It said. 

I whip around as fast as I can. 

"Who's there?" I yelled. This better not be a damn joke, I thought.

"You can get killed out here, boy. You look pretty good, too. Doesn't he?"

"Mhm. He looks tasty."

"Can we eat him now?"

I start freaking out.

"Tony is that you? I swear if you're just tryin' to scare me, I'ma punch you right now." I get no answer. 

"Who's Tony? Is he with you?" The same voice from before.

"Who are you? Where are you?" I yell.



"Haven't you heard?"

"Yeah, haven't you? Everyone knows about us."

"Heard what? What in the world are you talking about?"

"The rumors. That everyone in this town is talking about."

Oh hell no. It can't be...

"We're the critters." 



Sorry that I haven't been updating a lot. I've been busy with school, homework, traveling soccer, and family issues, but I promise to update again soon. Love you!





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