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  • Published: 25 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 14 Feb 2018
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"be careful at night.
don't wanna get caught by them critters."

That's what Tony told me the first day I met him.

In Jackson, Mississippi, there was a rumor going on that animals or what they called them, "critters" would go crazy at night and kill anything and anyone. Toby decides to get out of Texas and move to Mississippi where his aunt is and start a life there. And on his first day there, all he heard was
"The critters! I saw the critters!"



4. Chapter Four

Have you went out at night?

Good, 'cause them damn critters 

were making whole lot of noise.

And I couldn't get not good hour of sleep.

So I watched tv. 

I'll probably sleep all day today, since it's 

day time.

What you doin' today?

Got a girlfriend you gone see?

Oh you don't?

Well lemme just tell you there's

some fine young beautiful black

women out here.

And they nasty and like to have some 

fun so if you interested you betta get

 yoself a girl, real quick.

Or are you into them white girls?

It don't matter to you?

Well which are you interested the most?

Oh, them white girls, I see.

Well there's some here also.

Hey man, do you have a place to stay?

With your aunt?

Aw man, you need to get a job quick.

'Cause black folks here can so cruel and won't 

care if you're new or not.

They will make fun of you for a long time.

Are you even lookin' for a job?

Oh, you are, well go try to get a job at Johnny's


He pays good money.

I worked for him for a while and paid me well.

But then I got fired 'cause one of the damn

customers didn't want to leave a tip.

So I got smart with him and he punched me in the

jaw and then we got a fight.

But it's a good place to start off.

Then hopefully if you make enough, you can get 

yourself a place of your own and not livin' with yo

aunt 'cause that's embarrassin'.

Well man, I'll talk to you later I needs my sleep.

See you tomrrow, Toby.



When I went to go see Tony, he looked so bad. His eyes were kind of red and he had bags under them. I almost thought he was a zombie. When he told me how people were down here, it made me rethink if I wanted to start a life here. But I'm not going back home. I want to live here either the people were cruel or not. And yeah, I need to find a job quick, fast, and in a hurry. I don't want people messin' with my aunt and I don't want people messin' with me. I might just check out Johnny's BBQ. And I think I heard some noises last night, not really for sure...

Signing out,




There goes chapter four. I wasn't really for sure what I was going to to do with this chapter so I just made something up haha. How's your day? Oh, and another reason why I picked Mississippi is because my dad was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi so I just picked Jackson instead. And I have some relatives that live down there, but I'm from iowa. Where are you guys from? Let me know by commenting? And feel free to say anything about the story, whether you like or don't it's okay with me, you're being honest and that's all that matters. and maybe you could possibly like it, if you are enjoying it? thanks!


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