Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


20. Twenty

Sweet Hill Nursing Home was taking pictures of its residences in groups with seven members. They were doing it for the time capsule to be buried outside right alongside the parking lot. It would be a nice piece of history. So it became apparent to the nurses stationed there there was a genius way of taking photos. By groups. When it came for McCoy's group, Doctor Chase saw Spock wheeling Jim who was reading A Tale of Two Cities, a gift from Spock. Doctor Chase hadn't seen him so engrossed in a book since he had been stationed here ten years ago. Chekov and Sulu were shoulder to shoulder, holding hands, laughing about something that was lost upon Doctor Chase. Their laughter ended once they were on the set.

"Okay, everyone, over here." Chase said, gesturing in front of the neatly decorated scenery completed by a few decorations such as trees, a window, and part of a green screen on the wall. "Good." Jim lowered the book onto his lap facing the rather unusual device that earned his eyebrow being raised. "Say cheese!"

"Cheese!" Came Chekov and Sulu in the background.

Chase leaned over.

"Everyone must smile, McCoy." Chase said.

"No way." McCoy said, folding his arms.

"Ignore him. He is only upset that he picked a green shirt." Spock said.

"No, I got a shirt that has the jungle in it!" McCoy said. "I practically blend into the background."

"You should have chosen a different shirt." Spock said.

"I didn't know that we were havin' picture day." McCoy said. From aside, the other members of the group made, "I knew." remarks except for Spock. McCoy didn't say it aside because he was right beside the doctor and he said it out loud which made it twice as worse.

"I did." Spock said.

"And you didn't bother to tell me?" McCoy said, his left eyebrow twitching.

"I did." Spock said.

"No, you didn't." McCoy said.

"Your memory is failing." Spock said.

"Why you pointy eared hobgoblin--" McCoy started but was cut off by Jim.

"Gentlemen! Let's not argue when we're having a picture being taken." Jim said. "Why don't you re-organize yourselves? Chekov and Sulu alongside Scotty behind me," He pointed over his shoulder where not one of the three men were wearing green shirts. "You can be in front of Scotty and Uhura will be the one next to you who will make sure you don't blend in."

"And Spock?" McCoy asked.

"I will be beside him." Jim said.

McCoy looked over toward Spock.

"I have no arguments." Spock said.

"Go ahead." Chase said.

It took a few minutes but they were reorganized. They looked like a cadet review from back in the 2280's being clustered together to the hip. Spock, in his passing years, had toured the later Enterprises before they were assigned a captain. USS Enterprise B, USS Enterprise C, and USS Enterprise D. For example, he took the liberty to tour it while the USS Enterprise A was undergoing construction. The science station was entirely new to the Vulcan. The captain's chair was in the middle as usual but it felt oddly discomforting as Spock put one hand on the back rest looking back on the days he served under Captain Pike. Back when he could walk and talk. This experience was back when the USS Enterprise core seven were staying on the planet Andora alongside Saavik and David Marcus. Upon their return, Spock was the first to greet Saavik and David on Starbase 1 upon the conclusion of the whale probe.

Chase looked over from the unusual machine.

"Say cheese, and smile!" Chase said.

"In your dreams." McCoy grumbled.

"Bones. Smile for the camera." Jim said, looking up toward the doctor.

"Last time I smiled for a camera the picture was circulated throughout the entire fleet and I had to be livin' with the humilation of it!" McCoy said. "And before you say that this isn't the same it is completely the same."

"It is not humiliating." Jim said.

"It is a picture, Doctor McCoy." Spock said.

Chase sighed, lowering his head pinching the bridge of his face.

"For a time capsule,Bones," Scotty said. "Not like the background is goin' tae be distorted."

"Scotty, don't say that!" Uhura said, with a huge gasp.

"You have jinxed it." Sulu said.

"All right," Chase said. "How about you be yourselves?"

"That can be done." Chekov said.

"Sure." The rest said.

"Now, let's take the picture, shall we?" Chase said.

Chekov put one hand on Sulu's shoulder. Uhura put a hand on the side of her hip giving a fierce but proud stance. Scotty the happy idiot in the background. Spock had his hands locked behind his back staring at the camera with a stoic mask on his face. Jim looked like he was beaming. McCoy had his hands along his side staring at the camera. Sulu was the one smiling the brightest. A hundred years from now people would wonder who they were. And the answer would be "The best damn officers in the galaxy." and notice Doctor McCoy was hard to pin point whether he was smiling or not. There would be a huge debate based on his micro-expressions and his eyes regarding if he were smiling or not. Half of the people say he is and half say he is not. Some would note how Jim's hands were clenched around the arm rest noting that he has lots of uncontrolled energy that he could not release. And many would ask "Why the hell did they not serve on the same ship?" upon hearing their exploits.

"And we're done." Chase said, after a bright light enveloped the room.

Everyone's eyes blinked adjusting after the light had faded.

"This is illogical," Spock said. "It has not been twelve hours."

"It is not night time, Mr Spock." Chase said.

"Spock, are you all right?" Jim asked, sounding concerned.

"I am blind." Spock said, casually.

McCoy's head whipped in the direction of Spock as did the rest of the six with various reactions on their faces. A bewildered expression was on Uhura's. Scotty had wide eyes. Chekov was staring in Spock's direction, and Sulu had his head tilted. McCoy was going right past the two men. It turns out there was a automatic setting to the camera related device. It took another photograph with Jim reaching his hand out in the direction of the falling out of frame Vulcan. Spock was as stoic as ever falling. With style.


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