Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


16. Sixteen

Uhura came here on her own accord, at least, to Sweet Hill Nursing Home. She did not really talk why she came here but Scotty lied his ass off with various excuses. She was excellent at linguistics. She was excellent in speaking any language she wanted to. She was better than a universal translator. She noticed she started speaking Klingon four months before she was to be part of a linguistics conference. She went to her doctor. As it turned out, something strange was going on in her neural pathways. They weren't sizzling. They were not fading. They were not getting cloaked in water. They were getting messed up oddly enough.

"This is unusual," Her doctor, Leroy Quisroth, said, pointing at the scan that was very detailed. "I never seen anything like it."

"Should I be alarmed?" Uhura asked.

Quisroth turned his head in abrupt surprise at Uhura.

"Ma'am," Quisroth said. "You just spoke in Klingon."

"This is alarming." Uhura said.

"It is," Quisroth said. "How long has this been happening?"

Nyota pressed her lips together contemplating. Looking back.

"Off and on," Uhura said. "Past four months."

Quisroth jotted down on his padd.

"Six months. . ." Quisroth said out loud then he looked back up toward her. "Anything different lately?" Nyota shook her head. "Inflammation in the leg, knee, back, hand, elbow?" She shook her head, yet again. "Have you been forgetful?"

"Yes." Uhura said.

"What is a cat?" Quisroth said.

"A animal with four legs, keen eyes, beautiful fur, undying loyalty,has two ears, and a curly tail." Uhura said.

Quisroth looked at her, gasping, his eyes held at her for at least two minutes.

"Ma'am, you just spoke in Klingon." Quisroth finally said.

"Again?" Uhura asked.

Quisroth nodded.

"In the past few minutes." Quisroth said.

"Ask me another question." Uhura said.

"What . . . is . . .a starship?" Quisroth said.

"A . . ." She tilted her head. "I. . I . . I don't remember."

"I will recommend you to a Vulcan healer," He took out another pad jotting down a name. Uhura was at a loss. Hearing the words 'I recommend you to a Vulcan Healer' were as jarring as being told she had a incurable cancer. Hearing that meant that her doctor had no idea what was wrong. And the next best solution would be to see a Vulcan healer. "You should see Suzek."

She had been a little forgetful here and there. Because everyone she knew had that experience were dead. Her friends. Her inner circle. She was the last member of the magnificent seven from the USS Slader. She accepted the padd from Quisroth with a polite smile on her face. She looked down to see his contact information on the padd as Quisroth drone on and on about hopping that she could get help from them. If the Vulcans could not help her then no one could. Truthfully? She was lonely. Her husband died five years ago. Her son was a captain. Somewhere, out there exploring what the Voyager hadn't been able to explore upon its return home. Her granddaughter was interested in archeology, hell, she was a professor excavating a site right this very moment alongside her Andorian husband and hybrid daughter among a large group.

"Thank you for the help." Uhura said,standing up with her hand outreached.

"You are very welcome, Admiral." Quisroth said.

They shook hands.

She smiled.

Uhura afterwards searched for a nursing home. One far away from her growing family. One where no one she knew would go. There were great reviews for it. Her hearing was beginning to fail but otherwise it was crystal clear. She could not hear distant sounds as she used to. She went on to file the padd-work with her resignation. She opted to go to a Vulcan healer before she made made it permanent. Her son voiced his concerns then expressed to her that he was deeply saddened to be speaking with her in Vulcan. She had taught her son a vast array of languages when he was growing up so they could speak in private, including a very unique one. That look of 'This can't be helped' and that look of defeat on his face said it all. Suzek later put his hand on the side of her face. She could feel him gently searching around her mind in the politest way possible. It felt new to be engaged in a mind meld with a Vulcan. Novelty to her. It was like the ocean lapping against her feet. When the mind meld ended, he backed off appearing to be stoic but if a Vulcan could appear to be troubled then he was the definition of 'troubled'.

"Your language is changing by default and your memory is degrading to make room for the extra languages you know," Suzek explained. "It is illogical how this is occurring. But if you would prefer to understand this knowledge and return to your day to day live, I would be willing to help."

Uhura held her hand up.

"Thank you," Uhura's hand did the ta'al. "But I am not ready to give that up."

"Then I wish you peace and long life." Suzek said, reciprocating.

She sent her resignation exactly one hour and forty-three minutes afterwards. She packed her belongings in her home. There was no party. All the admirals she had been close to were long gone. Admiral McCoy, back then, barely knew her and she barely knew him. Never actually talked faced to face. She heard he was monitoring a study regarding flies that lived for fifteen minutes. And then there was this sketchy list of studies that were below the significant ones. He had personally ensured a alien chest buster being was declared a biohazard and not be studied. She heard the entire planet had to be wiped clean because of the infestation after a extensive but careful examination of the planet via various means. There was one message from Captain Picard wishing Uhura a fortunately long, well earned retirement and to enjoy the best of it. Picard never attended the balls, or the banquets. It was a very well known joke that Picard felt the attendance was a waste of his time and a plague due to him avoiding it. He preferred being on his ship. Out there. Exploring the unknown. Uhura sent a message back to Picard with a smiley face followed by a thank you.

She came to Sweet Hill Nursing Home one week and three days later. She was greeted by the then receptionist Gary Johnson. By that point Captain Kirk was still in that patio. She felt relaxed other than tense than she had been in days. Afraid, but believing she could muster herself on and not give up what made her . . . her. Understanding others was what made once Captain Uhura a force to be reckoned with. She had been a captain in her own right numerous times before. He looked sad. Just the way she felt upon entering the nursing home. Then there were other people who looked content. Khan was among them sitting with Marla looking at a padd holding hands like an old married couple. They were so proud and happy together. Perfect picture of a long term happy marriage. Scotty approached Uhura.

"Why hello there, lassie!" Scotty greeted Uhura, with a smile on his face. "I am Montgomery Scott,friends call me Scotty, and you?"

"Nyota Uhura." Uhura said.

Scotty appeared to be interested.

"Ah,you are the woman who convinced a Klingon to help Star Fleet understand Klingon." Scotty said.

Uhura felt her cheeks blush.

"Why I am." Uhura said. "He was ashamed to return home. It was only reasonable that he help, and, he was on suicidal watch."

"I understand Klingons don't like bein' taken captives." Scotty said.

"They do not take it kindly." He made a face as though he was familiar to Klingons.

"Have we met before?" Uhura said.

"Nae, this is our first time." Scotty said.

"Strange. . . I feel like we have met." Uhura said.

"Lassie, I don't understand a word you are sayin', but that is a gorgeous voice you have." Scotty said. "Where did you learn Andorian?"

A admiral, Hikaru Sulu, she had heard of being a magnet for weirdness just like herself had "checked" himself in one year later. She didn't know why. But he did appear to be lost and very sad. Everything was just a blurr to him. In reality a family friend had dropped him off at Sweet Hill Nursing Home after he was found unconscious on the floor unable to get up. Right in the kitchen. It was a good thing too, he wouldn't be alive if that family friend hadn't come. Scotty and Uhura put him back together being intrigued about his persona. His daughter's son had gone lost in space and apparently they had been thick as thieves. Very close. He had been the last Sulu who he had been there to see born into this world. There was two children in the care of the late Sulu's husband.

McCoy admitted himself a decade later. She come to find out he had a odd heart issue connected to a branch of Xenopolycythemia. But behind the story was that he collapsed in the middle of an argument regarding genetically adding wings to pigs and seeing how they would fair on a farm or on a planet similar to the pigs natural habitat. He was grumpy and grouchy. M'Benga hit up with him quite easily because they shared something entirely relevant. Medicine. And caring for others. Though being happy McCoy was twice as grumpy than he was. McCoy at first attempted to speak with the depressed sack at the patio. Shaking his shoulder, raising his voice, getting annoyed telling the nurses why he raised his voice, and returned to attempt getting a peep from him for days. One month later, McCoy abruptly stopped. They would go to town for social events, celebrate the holidays, and have the occasions that Sweet Hill Nursing Home arranged to make so that it wouldn't be entirely boring. She didn't see a real, genuine smile from McCoy's eyes

A few years later Admiral Chekov was admitted. He lost his daughter, his son-in-law, and his grandson but not his granddaughter. They had been killed in a air-car accident. His parents died a hundred years ago, Uhura learned, and he was alone. He spoke fluent Russian when he came in. His eyes showed that he was dead by the inside. But by the end of the week he was speaking in a odd Russian accent with Sulu regarding Botany and physics, she didn't take him for that. What she did take him for was a respected figure who worked in the shadows. When she learned he had been heard of security, Uhura was not the least surprised to hear that. He had been working to ensure the safety of Star Fleet. He had a scar on the side of his face that had long healed but it still remained mostly because Chekov insisted they do not attempt to get rid of it. It stood out to Uhura because it meant something to him. Something important to the Russian. They grew together and became a family. But Uhura felt someone or something was missing.

A few years afterwards came Spock. Then came that genuine, real smile in the form of McCoy's eyes when Spock announced he would give it a shot to shake awake Jim. She thought the doctor would explode. But he didn't, and instead, the doctor tried to dissuade him. He was pretending to not believe it would be possible. And he was acting. This felt right,Spock was like the black sheep member of the family coming to terms with himself and the family trying to help him come to terms with that. Uhura forgot the small things but the big things being language was still there. Scotty often had to remind her what language she was speaking in mid-sentence. Bringing her back to the reality of the situation. Whatever that was happening in her brain had apparently slowed down. The doctors could not explain it nor could the nurses but it became evident that her body was slowly dying of old age. And she was gracefully aging. By the outside she looked in perfect health.


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