Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


6. Six

Spock's world of comfort and darkness vanished replaced by a peircing light. It was searing through the darkness. His eyes opened first then his inner eyelids adjusting to the light. Spock pushed himself upright stretching his arms out with a yawn. The doors to their quarters opened to reveal Nurse Chapel poking himself slightly into the room with a wide smile on his face. Chapel's curly blonde hair nearly cascaded over his green eyes.

"Good morning, Mister McCoy, Mister Spock," Chapel said. "The showers will be running in fifteen minutes."

McCoy bolted up from his bed, hair messy, and his eyes had bags under them.

"I am up!" McCoy falling out of bed landing on the rug.

Chapel ducked his head out then resumed his path down the hall.

"Good morning,McCoy." Spock said, looking down upon the human sprawled on the floor.

"I swear if you have another nightmare then I am killin' you myself!" McCoy said, getting up on his two feet with a heated glare toward the Vulcan.

"Nightmare?" Spock inquired, with a raised eyebrow. "What nightmare?"

"You don't remember last night." McCoy said.

"I remember being put into bed and falling asleep." Spock

McCoy opened his drawer, slid out his clothes, socks, and then his boxers.

"Your favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is a squirrel," McCoy said. "Now, get your clothes ready. There is a clothes dispenser installed alongside the counter." McCoy waved his hand toward the blue glass beside Spock's counter that was over a square cubby space built into the wall. "Nurses don't do the laundry of those currently able to do on their own."

"That is reasonable for a nursing home." Spock said, opening his drawer then taking out a bundle of clothes. He took out his boxers. He slid out his slippers from under the bed. They were pink. Bright pink. "It is illogical how our rooms are set near the death ward. " There was silence from McCoy. Spock looked over to see that McCoy had a utterly surprised facial reaction. Spock raised the eyebrow. "You were not aware that the death ward is near these quarters?"

"It used to be the exercisin' section," McCoy said. "Go figure for bein' a floor up from the lobby. It didn't make sense why there are ecerisin' tools where the death ward used to be. It feels creepy bein' there. Feels like death itself is lingerin' around. Now it makes perfect sense why they moved it."

"Hm." Spock said.

"All this time I thought the death ward was moved up to the fourth floor." McCoy said.

"Where are the showers located?" Spock said.

"Follow me." McCoy said.

Spock followed after the doctor.

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