Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


15. Fifteen

The next day, Jim was not at the doorway of the patio. This time he was on the patio in his wheelchair staring at a empty space on the table. Spock was searching for a chess board complete with the tools to move such as the pieces. McCoy was visiting the death ward for Marla joined by Chekov and Uhura. Yesterday Trelane had informed him where to find the game boards. Which was in the basement and were unorganized. Spock was organizing them with some help from Sulu. Scotty was with some other long time engineer fixing a air-car brought in by Nurse Rand that had started acting up. It was rather fine for the engineers who had the basic experience and knowledge to fix the air-car while complaining the model's thrusters were outdated and needed replaced. It proved to Spock how the engineers kept tabs on the engineering world despite being retired.

"Retired log number 3x97: Day two of sorting through games," Sulu spoke into his rounded box shaped device. It was unusual device related to the table recorder and it was a mobile device related to the communicator. "Game board games, that is. We found a CSI: New York whodunnit game. A James Cameron Avatar monopoly. A Marvel Cinematic Universe monopoly. A selfie monopoly. I find it difficult to believe that humanity made game board games over go pros. And so far we have yet to discover a monopoly botany game. Sulu out."

The lights were on in the basement.

"That would be a very thin but wide piece of plywood." Spock said.

"What?" Sulu said, handing a Star Wars guessing game box to the Vulcan

"Three by ninty-seven." Spock said, correctly placing the box in the 'S' section.

"Remind me not to make my retirement logs around you." Sulu said.

"Gladly." Spock said, picking up a box. He raised both his eyebrows. "One Piece pirate game?"

"A few years ago One Piece was on rerun and everyone here got off their favorite show Buroto a spin off of Naruto," Sulu said. "It turns out that humanity still made anime long after Naruto was completed. Well, it was by the fans. We stopped watching season six when they killed Naruto off. Which so happens to be the time when someone suggested One Piece. There are a couple more One Piece games around here somewhere. . ." Sulu took out a Jumanji box. "Spock, put this on the steps, will you? A Jumanji game should never be left here in the basement."

Spock took the luggage then looked at the surface.

"I have heard of this game." Spock said. "I have often wondered happened to it. And how it operates."

"Just don't play with it. Or open it, period." Sulu said.

"Why?" Spock inquired.

"A boy named Alan Parrish played it. He spent twenty years inside a rain forest, or an amazon, and he came out with knowledge from the future after completing the game. He came forward with his story, very old by then, in 2070 when a Vulcan by the name of Shetick was purchasing it from a collector. There were other people behind Alan who, they too,been victims of it. The Vulcan ignored their protests and participated in the game with a colleague four hours afterwards."

Spock raised the eyebrow.

"The Vulcans did not speak of what happened afterwards but only that it was deemed logical to be destroyed." Sulu explained to the Vulcan, casually. "The media was all over it. Many internet memes were made over the logic of the situation. However, Star Fleet, made it a point to toss it into deep space rather than into the sun because as it turned out it had been done before."

"I never heard of that part about the game's back story." Spock said.

"I did. I came across this game as captain of the Excelsior. It was freely floating in space. I made the mistake of beaming it aboard and play the game with Tuvok. But the thing is. . ." Sulu shuddered. "I went inside its inner world. It was amazing but terrifying. It was like being stranded on another planet five decades. I later learned the Vulcan had been researching all the previous players. Even after he lost me and the game. It was misplaced. Or put into a storage container. He could never really locate it. Eventually, he found it. Tuvok played it with Kathryn Janeway only they were cellmates because of one small mistake. After a intergalactic incident, we were back at the lounging room playing the game. We bolted the game down with the hardest material we had on the ship then shipped it to the antiquities museum. Never knew what happened to it until today. And someone ripped the bolting out of it."

"If this were in the history then it should be destroyed." Spock said.

"I just said it can't be destroyed." Sulu said, as Spock put the game on the stairs.

"When and how was it attempted?" Spock said.

"Back in my alternate timeline--," Sulu stopped. "Wait. . ." He paused. "That is a good point, Mr Spock."

Spock returned to the man's side.

"Was there anything noticeably different in your timeline than it was in this?" Spock asked.

"Well. . ." Sulu considered. "T'Pring was still alive."

Spock briefly closed his eyes experiencing a warm sensation traveling up from his chest to his face.

"T'Pring." Spock said.

"And you were, surprisingly, more stoic than any Vulcan I knew well the exception being Tuvok." Sulu said. "Not like you are right now. Then again, you did have some Vulcans surrounding you." He dismissively waved a hand. "Though . . . You did fondly speak about visiting a planet with red panda's with your granddaughter Velma. If I hadn't been on the run from these space pirates and been in the company of Tuvok to find that game, I would have fallen out of my seat to hear a Vulcan sounding happy. I didn't always get to hear a Vulcan sound happy. They are usually monotonous."

"I did take Velma to Leeun II." Spock said.

"T'Pring was a lovely lady," Sulu said,his hand grabbed around the box for a My Little Pony game. "For a woman who . . ."

"For a woman who what?" Spock asked.

"I wouldn't tell someone who just entered and could possibly hear the same news." Sulu said.

"Mr Sulu, it may be best I hear it first before it happens. Before it may happen that is." Spock said.

"Velma's transport vessel was destroyed in a Borg Incursion. She was a doctor. Studying Bendii's." Sulu said.

"She is currently on Vulcan finding a cure for it," Spock said. "The stigma of her birth hasn't quite rubbed off yet regarding the genetic meddling." Sulu handed Spock the box. He had a long look at the Vulcan with his fingers on the edge. Sulu let go of the box. "She would have loved this game if I had discovered it earlier." Spock wiped the dirt off the surface. "It is a shame that basements are not made to be self regulated."

"It is a shame," Sulu agreed. "I heard they were going to fix that in a couple months."

"Then where would the games go?" Spock asked, placing the box into the 'p' section.

"Let the nurses figure that part out. They are currently busy with Charlie Evans." Sulu said.

"Poor man." Spock said.

"Sad isn't it?" Sulu said. "The man who once used to be part god,part man crippling away losing control of his own speech."

"Torrets syndrome." Spock said.

"You would think they cure that." Sulu said.

"They have. But not when it occurrs randomly as it does for Charlie. It is like someone is torturing him on purpose." Spock said.

"Like a meddling god." Sulu said.

"Indeed." Spock said.

"Spock, would you like to organize everything after we find the chess?" Sulu asked.

"It would be . . . as Nurse Chapel put it: a nice use of my time." Spock said.

Sulu put one hand on Spock's shoulder.

"T'Pring really loved you, you know that, despite what you did to her boyfriend." Sulu said.

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"How do you know that?" Spock asked.

Sulu sighed briefly closing his eyes.

"You were in the advanced form of Bendii's. When the Vulcan attendy's were not around and you were in your chambers while T'Pring was handling your business, I was about to leave with Kathryn and Tuvok to find Jumanji. I didn't anticipate it . . . It was raw. It was 2390 at March 21st. You became lucid when I said the name of Erin. Then you apologized and requested I leave before . . . Oh my, Spock, you were not in good shape. You at first apologized to me thinking I was Stonn. Then again I was dressed up as a Vulcan to blend in." He looked Spock in the eye. "She forgave you a long time ago. Why would a Vulcan woman try to make her hybrid for a husband's passing comfortable if she did not forgive him?"

"That is a excellent question." Spock said, as Sulu let go of the man's shoulder.

That oddly comforted Spock with that sentiment. Apparently it became clear that Leland was right. Spock could have lived longer if he had embraced his emotions and let them out under controlled measures rather than suppressing them which was what a typical Vulcan did. Only Spock went one step further to controlling them. Sulu and Spock organized the rows of games. They had to take a break because of lunch. There was only a few games left behind to organize. They had spent a total of five hours in the basement talking about games. It was a rewarding time spent.


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