Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


65. 65

Mister Green was built to be a lifelong companion for all types of species in the form of synthetic humanoid. Unlike the Soong type android: he could age,eat, regrow hair, taste, and feel. He was accustomed to being around younger people from child to adult. So it was a first to be a guide for two older men. He noticed the admiral's cheeks were glowing red. The Vulcan's face, however, remained as stoic not giving any hints away. Only minutes ago had he been so human.Green had no idea if humans got along with Vulcans that easily proposing a date in this manner. It was Byanne's orders, and part from the previous captain, that he make sure no harm comes down to them. In the manner he could age: he could change the hair color of his hair, implement a wrinkle program into his skin system, and his legs can become longer or shorter. He could mimic the effects of old age including being ill. He had a program that could stimulate death for him. The perfect lifelong companion. For their age, Spock and McCoy were pretty quick on their feet. Which surprised Mister Green. Because most elderly he had seen before were slow, sluggish, and not as active as they had been so long ago. Then again he had been in a elderly hospital wing when retrieving Marek and Smart from nearly being admitted to the criminally insane asylum to cure them. They had cures for criminally insane, and it worked, usually, when taken on a schedule and after they had been rehabilitated. Green had bothered to look at the paperwork to see they had incurable disease. What he read was ordinary for the two.

Mister Green noticed that Spock was walking with a limp. McCoy was grumbling, "I cannot believe I forgot about the damn cane." and Spock was surely doing his best to assure that it did not bother him. On the contrary, limping indicated pain. Earlier, the man had appeared to not be in any form of pain. He walked without a limp. This was unusual. The two men entered the mess hall that had several tables with benches on both sides occupied with some crewmen scattered about. Some of them went silent at the sight of the two men followed by Mister Green behind them. Green noted to himself, and opted to take the Ambassador to sick bay for a leg scan by Legolas Smart. Smart refused to be called by his first name.

"So," McCoy said. "What kind of android are you?"

"Synthetic." Green said, as Spock was using a fork to eat his plate of salad.

"Only more closer than Captain Data is." McCoy said. "So I heard from Spock."

"Affirmative, sir." Green said.

"My question is: what is your android line called?" McCoy asked, picking up a piece of bacon.

"I. . ." Gereen paused. "I have never been asked that question," McCoy took a bite from his bacon. "But I can say that I am a Life Time Model Companion type Android." McCoy chewed the bacon. "I do not have a last name as Ferengi do not deem it necessary to have last names. There will be more in stake if there last names. Family names would be valued--"

"Like Klingons value their honor." Spock interrupted.

"Exactly." Green replied.

McCoy swallowed what he had eaten. "Then do you know how to create others like you?"

"I have the design plans in my artificial matrix." Green explained. "He intended if he were not around to make any repairs that I do it myself, or, reconstruct a part that has been destroyed."

"So that's a yes." McCoy said.

Green nodded.

"He did not intend to be cut down suddenly," Green said. "If his father had known. . .My creator would have been sent away with his siblings."

A painful memory of that came back to the android. Burying the corpses of the Ferengi at the local cemetery. He buried the father's grave far from the family right near the edge of a beach. Green documented the crime scene, logged it, tagged evidence, and forwarded it to the nearby Ferengi investigators indicating that the bodies had been autopsied by a third party and taken care. The color on McCoy's face turned white. The gears in the man's head started to churn looking at the android in horror. McCoy thought of a Crime Scene Investigation episode that involved nearly a entire family being murdered by a shot gun (and he stopped watching it then at the morgue scene) that had a flash back scene in it.

"Siblin's?" McCoy asked.

Spock had stopped poking at his salad, looking at the android,with a stoic expression about his face. The eyes, however, showed disgust. People had returned to their lunch when the two old men had set down and started eating with a young man watching them. Spock took a sip of his vulcan green tea as McCoy continued that stare. That look on McCoy's face made him look half a century his age. In his time being activated, Green had taken to observing humans in general and their facial expressions. Their emotions defined their face in given circumstance and matched the mood of the scene.

"Three." Green said. "Eight, thirteen, and seven."

McCoy briefly closed his eyes, disturbed, shaking his head.

Spock lowered the tea cup not saying a word. Perhaps he had too much on his mind to say anything. Perhaps the only word on his mind would be to say: That is illogical. That's the normal response when it came to Vulcans. Mister Green had learned that in their eyes, with a stoic face, they had emotions within them. He had learned this by becoming a lifetime companion with a young female Vulcan child. Mister Green had changed his appearence to her age. For a Vulcan child the little girl was very emotional. That Vulcan child grew up to be a Zoologist currently captured and her fate unsecure. Captain S'Chess was not no where to be seen on the ship. Last Mister Green had seen the Romulan he was heading down the hall toward a turbo lift. Byanne was visibily frustrated with the captain's choice but she had to abide it. McCoy ate another piece of his bacon, chewed it, then swallowed it.

"Did you eat breakfast all ready?" McCoy asked.

"Of course." Green said.

"How do you get rid of the waste if you are not human?" McCoy asked. "If that's too uncomfortable then you don't have to answer."

"My creator was a child prodigy ahead of his time," Green said. "I urinate and remove waste the way every human can." McCoy's jaw slowly dropped. "I was completed in 2264 and it took the better half of the next year to work out various glitches. For example: my universal translator malfunctioned for the first month."

"A child prodigy," McCoy said. "Sounds he would have been a engineer by now."

"He would have," Green said. "My creator was waiting until he was sixteen to join the engineer corps."

"How old was he?" McCoy asked.

"Ten." Green said. "His mother worked at the local ER. She was a big fan of yours, admiral." McCoy blinked leaning back from the table folding his arms. "It is true. She read some of the medical papers you wrote and others that you co-wrote."

"Those?" McCoy said. "Well, well. . . er. . . that's just a. . ." He sighed. "I, um, er, that's just a bunch of hog wash."

"Why?" Green asked, as McCoy ate a piece of the egg.

"I don't know if you are aware of it," McCoy said, once he had finished chewing. "But some of those were written to reassure civilians that a contaminate was not deadly but in fact was deadly and they were savin' their filthy-rotten-tooth-broken-unsanitary-and-non-researched faces! They were lucky I wasn't an admiral then back then!" Spock placed his free left hand on the side of the doctor's thigh. "And it wasn't even Star Fleet I was dealin' with!" Spock went back and forth with his hand. "It was on a starbase. Starbase 1,"

Green sat there, head tilted, with a raised eyebrow in the direction of McCoy.

"You are referring to the unexpected lock down of several decks in response to poisoning," Green finally said, straightening his head. Lowering his eyebrow. "The mystery has gone unsolved. The air vents were theorized to be the source of the deaths since the vents internal conditioner was malfunctioning. However, that was discredited when it was shown the air vents were clean. You were the assigned doctor then to the starbase. There was no one found when the bodies had been discovered by security cameras. Though, I am curious as to how you broke from your space phobia."

Spock looked over in the direction of the doctor as he had his hand on the human's knee.

"Yes," Spock said, with a raised slanted eyebrow. "How did you overcome it?"

"Joanna." McCoy said.

"Your daughter," Green said. "She passed away in 2366, September 9th."

McCoy briefly closed his eyes. He had attended her funeral ceremony. Her crew mates McCoy could remember seeing his daughter, in a blue uniform, all grown up and looking down upon him with concern. She had aged well. But she was a total stranger. And part of him then was suspicious of everyone.

"She was a big part of my recovery." McCoy said.

McCoy was sent back into that moment.

"Hello, dad." Joanna approached the shell of her father. She had a kind smile at him. She had mother's green eyes, his eyebrows,and her father's hair. She had her hair up in a rather unusual hair style. "It's me, Jo." She reached her hand out but McCoy edged further way from her. "I joined Star Fleet."

McCoy, he wasn't in the best condition, glaring back at her.

"Mrs McCoy," Trevor Zroin, her father's counselor, said. "Don't . . . try to be phyiscal with him."

Zroin, the Beastazoid, his black eyes bore into the doctor, had one hand on Joanna's shoulder. He could see that there was security officers dispatched at both ends of the room in red uniform with their hands behind their backs. Joanna didn't know what exactly had happened that required this security. The other survivors likely had bad experiences with relatives who had returned to see their loved ones.

"You can leave, Mr Zroin." Joanna said.

"I am sorry." Zroin said, then he took his hand off her shoulder.

Zroin left the room.

"Dad. . ." Joanna said. "Since you have been gone. . . I decided to join Star Fleet. To be on the starship that found you and the others. But it seems that it doesn't work that way. . . Guess who I got to met recently?" His blue eyes stared back at her, a flicker of confusion, his bare bandaged feet and hands wrapped up in gauze. "I met Admiral Kirk. He approached me personally a few days ago. . . After you were rescued. Kirk told me that he had assigned me to a starship heading here." She cleared her throat. "I am going to be around. I'll be visiting often when Shore Leave is up." She briefly closed her eyes, her face showing the pain that she was holding back. She reopened her eyes. "I got married, daddy. Mom was there. And so was Edward's parents. I got a hover-car. Edward and I are thinking of having a child. . ."

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