Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


47. 47

Spock's thoughts went over toward his son. Shawk, his skin and blood. He could recall their last encounter in 2387. Spock had made sure to arrive at Starbase 1 to congratulate his sons first assignment. The USS Enterprise A. Four years Shawk spent in the academy. Only Surak would know how it was like for the young man. His son had failed the kobyashi maru. His son likely made acquaintances in the academy. Unusually, and surprisingly, Shawk met his betrothed there in the four years. And they reportedly could not keep their hands off the other which was odd for a Vulcan pairing. Spock's patrol vessel was in space dock awaiting for his return in the last day he saw his son face to face. Shawk had shaved a mohawk on his head which was illogical. His son was in the red and black uniform, both arms holding the duffle bag, and he was still unsurprisingly the emotional Vulcan who left home four years ago. Shawk was twenty years old, young by most standards, and prepared for what the future held. It would only be years later that Shawk would no longer be in his life.

"Greetings,Shawk." Spock said.

"Greetings, father." Shawk said.

"I have heard of your assignment," Spock said. "This will be your finest hours."

"It is finest days." Shawk corrected Spock.

Spock nodded.

"I used to serve on the Enterprise . . . so I thought you should take this advice and I believe you will take it with all things considered." Spock paused, watching his sons eyebrow go up. "Everything you have learned will not be useful in the field."

"I do not understand," Shawk said. "I was taught that the information learned would be useful."

"That is what I thought." Spock said.

"But something changed." Shawk registered, tilting his head.

"The Enterprise is a starship that is a magnet for illogical abnormalities," Spock said. "But knowing you. . . . I am assured you will find yourself at home than anywhere else you have been."

"Is this your version of seeing me off?" Shawk asked, straightening his head.

Spock sighed, briefly closing his eyes then reopened them.

"Your grandfather, Sarek, did not. . ." Spock said. "See me off."

"You are making up for what never happened to you." Shawk said.

"Negative," Spock said. "I am making up for nothing. I do not expect it to become a tradition." Spock took a moment to reconsider. "And likely never will." It was the cold hard truth. Most Vulcan parents viewed it as illogical to see their kin go when they could simply wish them the 'good road ahead' by simply saying 'live long and prosper' bidding them farewell before they went to the academy. Times were changing. "I have been fortunate to be your father."

There was a short pause between them.

"At least one of us will be in Star Fleet." Shawk said.

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"Ii do not understand your logic." Spock said.

"My bethrothed and I. . ." Shawk was squirming right before his eyes. "We had an accident."

Spock's eyebrows rose further.

"That is illogical." Spock asked. "You are biologically engineered to have fertility every seven years."

"Father," Shawk said. "I am half human."

Spock stared at Shawk. His once calm, collective mind swirling with questions. How could he not know? How could this have happened? It made sense why his son was illogical, everything made sense, but the big question was how could he not have known for so long. How could he and T'pring not have been aware. It was illogical. He had not mated with a half human Vulcan but he had in fact mated with a pure Vulcan. Shawk stared back at Spock, waiting for the answer. It became apparent, that unlike Shawk, Spock was the one engineered to have the natural fertility cycle. His human half played a more major role internally within Shawk. What, he did not know. Shawk and Erin were both twenty, twins, who looked nothing alike.

Spock briefly closed his eyes, controlling the unexpected emotions keeping them at bay, then he reopened them.

"I am pleased." Spock said. "But you do not need to leave a mission set into deep space merely because your betrothed has unexpected complications. It is illogical that you divert from what is most likely your second best destiny. "

Shawk raised both eyebrows, stunned, from what Spock had to say.

"But you did the same." Shawk said.

"Under entirely different circumstances,Shawk." Spock said. Shawk lowered his eyebrows "It was very convenient. I ask of you . . . do what feels right." Their eyes met. "I didn't take that advice to heart as I should have, from a old acquaintance of mine. But what I do not regret is being part of your youth."

"I would like to believe that." Shawk said. "But I cannot."

Words could not be used to describe what Spock felt then.

"Before you go. . ." Spock said. "I want you know how I feel about your accomplishment. A mind meld would do."

Shawk placed his luggage down beside his leg.

"Father," Shawk said. "This is a first from you." He raised an eyebrow. "This is unexpected."

"But there is not always going to be a moment like this between us." Spock said.

Shawk nodded.

"You made your point." Shawk said.

Shawk placed a hand on the side of his father face. Spock let the emotions for his so come out full throttle in the mind meld. Specifically, Spock showed Shawk every moment in his life that he was proud of. Which was his entire life squished into minutes. Spock let Shawk see how he viewed his son standing before him complete in Star Fleet attire. A prized memory that would undoubtedly want to keep. Shawk ended the mind meld with his father stepping back appearing to be overwhelmed.

"Your grandfather and I have been talking. . ." Spock said. "Regarding becoming a Ambassador of Vulcan."

"Father?" Shawk said. "Is there something going on regarding you that I should know?"

"Negative," Spock said. "I am most certain you will follow your own path and not mine." Shawk picked his luggage up with his right hand then straightened up. "Your mother shares the same belief as I do for you."

"Grandmother told me you refused to follow my forefather's path in your youth," Shawk said. "Something has changed for you."

"I am considering it." Spock said. "My current thoughts on it are not definite."

Shawk looked at his father.

"Live long and prosper." Shawk said, doing the Vulcan salute.

"I believe the proper saying, as most humans say,is see you later." Spock said.

Shawk let out a small smile at his fathers attempt to sound human to show he approved of his decision to be more human than his sister Erin. Erin acted more Vulcan than Shawk did. Unlike how twins were reported to be, they were never that close and any attempts at making them dress alike went down the hellhole. Mostly because Shawk, as a child, would take his attire off and run around the house naked horrifying T'pring and Spock (Whenever Shore leave was granted, that is) potentially embarrassing his sister. I-chinchin would run around following the young boy with its tongue hanging out like a dog. Erin working on a logic puzzle in the middle of the living room.

Shawk nodded then went past Spock headed in the direction of the transporter room

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