Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


42. 42

Our scene transitioned to hours later, Spock and McCoy were playing battleship in the rec room. The snow had stopped falling. The shape of two planets in the distance could be seen in the almost dark gray sky from the patio. Those were the two nearby planets in the solar system Aura was in. Jim's hand was wrapped around the stick on the left hand side of the chair on the arm rest. It had a padded surface around it that was not worn. Jim appeared to be well rested by all regards coming over to the chair that Uhura was sitting facing the direction of the television.

"Hey, Nyota." Jim "Can I ask an favor?"

Uhura turned her head toward Jim.

"It depends what kind." Uhura said. "I can't decorate a fruit. . . Last time it splattered all over the place."

Jim appeared to be amused.

"It is not that." Jim said.

"Oh, phew." Uhura said.

Could you. . . translate. . . my biography into Swahili?" Jim said.

Uhura raised her eyebrows.

"You have finished it." Uhura said, sounding surprised.

Jim grinned.

"This afternoon." Jim handed her the padd. "I made several copies. I spoke with my agent yesterday regarding the book being distributed and the translators." Uhura's eyebrows lowered above her eyelids. "Koloth is all ready translating it into Klingon." Uhura could see Koloth was surrounded by several Klingons who were intrigued. "I decided against asking Chekov and Sulu since they are in the green house. I wouldn't want to cut into their green house time."

"That is very sweet of you," Uhura said. She looked at the first page of the book on the padd. "I can tell this will take me awhile."

"Take all the time you need," Jim said. "My agent and I are arguing about allowing the Dominion having access to it and all to the biography. Why not allow them?"

"You are not as history to them as you are to Star Fleet." Uhura said. "You would be a complete stranger to them."

Jim appeared to be insulted.

"I am not history, Nyota," Jim said. "I am just a well known man. Maybe I can inspire hope to a new generation or inspire them to better themselves." He folded his arms. "I prefer that this kind of argument over a book didn't happen. Publishing the novel will be another story. Could take years." He rolled an eye. "By the time it gets published I might be dead or with a full grown beard!"

Uhura laughed.

"I can't picture you with a beard." Uhura said.

"Neither can I." Jim said. "When I was a young man. . . My father grew out his beard and my mother didn't approve it, so did I." He shook his head. "It made my dad look older than he was . . . I actually suspected it made my mom feel old."

When Jim slept, his dreams were like he was in reality. Except, there was a different feel to it. It was slowly getting difficult to distinguish what was real and what was not. The other noticeable difference was that everyone was younger. Spock was in it. McCoy was in it. Uhura, a beauty in every sense of the word, was in it including her gorgeous singing. Chekov and Hikaru were in it, too. It felt everything was natural. He had a dream that they were facing a new foe. Someone that he had come across in his travels but the event was vastly different this time around. Jim had been able to jerk himself awake because McCoy was left behind by accident but that wouldn't happen on Jim's watch because he is in a nursing home. The sheer logic of it all brought Jim back to reality when they were opening presents. Jim was getting concerned if he had a neurological problem. Jim looked over to see the tv playing a Lifetime Christmas movie featuring a betazoid and a human.

Jim would never admit to it, but he has been getting weaker day by day. He had the strength to speak, move his hands, eat, drink, and read. His hand trembled when he stabbed his fork into the salad. It was the doctors orders that Jim eat healthy. His diet changed from salad to bacon and eggs this December. Jim suspected Gilbert had a hand in that. But how? Well, Jim wouldn't be surprised if he had sweet talked the doctor into changing Jim's menu. Gilbert was a sweet kid. Fred Gilbert deserved to have what life had in store in him or, better yet, becoming one of those people who became highly regarded for their achievements. Jim had recently sent a letter of recommendation to Star Fleet regarding Gilbert becoming a doctor. Jim felt assured for Gilbert's future. Very physical when it came to care, had a nice bed side manner, and was the one who would make sure his resident got up by setting a alarm which inadventurely awoke Koren every day. Koren was rightfully annoyed to be Jim's roommate. Gilbert usually helped Jim into his levitating chair.

"You were . . . at Tarsus IV?" Uhura said.

"Yes." Jim said.

There was a brief pause between them.

"That must have been terrifying." Uhura said.

"It was. . ." Jim said. "I stopped having nightmares long ago."

"It is a shame that Kodos was never brought to justice." Uhura said.

"His daughter gave justice to the survivors." Jim said

"Kodos could not have a daughter." Uhura said. "He has been dead for the past one hundred years."

"He does." Jim said, with such certainty that it made the doubt fade from Uhura's face. "I never seen this movie before." He appeared to be interested by the story unfolding between in the interspecie relationship. "I like it. What's it called?"

"The Goblet of Eleanor." Uhura said.

"Sounds rather not fit for this genre." Jim said. "It sounds like a Indiana Jones movie when it is a lifetime movie."

"I agree. They should have made the title differently. This is part of a movie series." Uhura said. "Unlike Indiana Jones, Eleanor is a thief being chased by her arch enemy Lewis Cransten."

"Not like the good witch." Jim said.

"A very cheated off franchise if you ask me." Uhura said. "There wasn't any witches in the movies."

"I really hated how they milked the series out for centuries." Jim said.

"Agreed." Uhura said.

"Is this a rerun where Eleanor is almost arrested because of her stupid side kick Frodo the Martin Freeman look alike dwarf?" Koren asked.

"Yes," Uhura said. "And to think it's a Christmas movie."

"If they were smart in this movie they would have cast a inch shorter Ferengi for the movie." Koren grumbled. "He isn't Bilbo Baggens."

"Ay." The others agreed.

The other Lifetime fans grumbled about the movie. They were sitting through it because there was a new installment to premier tonight and there was a marathon going on of a selected few movies set in Christmas. Some, like Cehen, made the comments how un-christmas like it was. It lacked the spirit of it. Jim had one eye open watching the movie unfold. He hadn't seen this movie in a hundred years. The channel hadn't been rerunning this movie in months. Eleanor was a young Betazoid woman who was also a kleptomaniac. Eleanor was a unique character because she had blonde hair instead of the usual dominant black. She still had black eyes. His eyes were getting heavy. Jim forced open his eyes seeing the bright red light dart on the screen. The change of direction with the camera had brought his senses back. Jim had his hands in his lap watching the movie continue. They were in a temple of some sort that had been given a touch of 23rd century technology. Jim looked over to see that, regardless of everyone's commentary, they were soaked right into the movie.

When it came to disgruntled audiences and fans, Jim discovered that despite their complaints they would continue to watch what is either disgusting or terrible. Jim recalled a planet that Thelin and Doctor Snatcher landed on that was full of a disgruntled audience that watched what could be defined as the embodiment of Shakespeare only unique. How unique? Just full of slurs and vulgar words. Thelin found it unique, yet he did not like the change in venue regarding the text being torn into unfamiliar territory. Snatcher was offended, personally, with the changes. Jim, back then, fell for a young man who was dressed up as Juliet. It was the day they first discovered the Deklans who had achieved Warp Drive. The first day that first contact was made. It was Henry Watslow's brother, Blake Watslow. Jim was there when a family relative switched in a real dagger for the fake in Romeo and Juliet. There was a certain dramatic affair because the father could not stand the idea of his son hooking up with a outsider and decided to end it himself. It took years for Watslow to change blame from Jim to his father, but they are on better terms.

"Eleanor, don't trust that kid!" Green raged at the screen.

Tacrak rolled an eye as the crowd pouted except for Jim.

"I watch this movie for the umpteenth time and she keeps making the same mistake." Tacrak grumbled.

"There, there," Perik said. "Betazoids were too trusting back then with amateur Ferengi."

"They were not good as us." Tacrak said.

"That is for sure, buddy." Perik said.

"Where did the time go when we were so resilient as them?" Tacrak asked.

"We spent it being merchants." Perik said.

"The best in the galaxy." Tacrak said, proudly.


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