Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


40. 40

Our scene transitions to the shower entrance where the elderly who were able getting undressed. Uhura refused help in getting undressed. McCoy and Spock arrived, shoulder to shoulder, in the back holding their rolled up attire. They placed their clean attire on the benches then undressed themselves. Koloth was the first to enter the showering quarters. Except there was something different about them. There were sonic showers placed all over the place. They looked rather neat. Better than the Klingon sonic showers that were designed and themed red as blood. They were themed a gentle blue earning a sense of awe and wonder how the staff managed to replace the 21st century shower. Spock went into a empty sonic shower with a odd, unusual limp. McCoy noticed the limp. Vulcans did not get arthritis, reportedly. Then again, Spock was half human. His right leg hurt. Spock came into the sonic shower that was blocked off to the sides much like the previous version did except there was no shower head. Spock turned around facing the exit of the sonic shower. Then closed his eyes. He could feel the dirt being vibrated off his skin. Sweat from yesterday being lifted off his body. The filth fell off his body.
Spock opened his eyes feeling better once the sonic shower's soft, low beat had ended.

"I love what they did with the showers," Uhura's voice sounded close by. "It is the best Christmas present the staff has given to us."

Uhura stepped out of the shower using the rollator. Her gray hair matted along her face. Half her body covered by the white towel. It had only been months ago that Spock first met Uhura in this room. She was his age. It was fascinating how age affected others individually in various species. Klingons only grew more stronger and stubborn, Romulans grew more paranoid with graying hair usually ending up to have a treatable condition that involves hallucinations, Betazoids being hyper sexual, Deltans becoming sensitive to any kind of touch, Vulcans losing control of their emotions, Andorians's becoming decriped and slowly walk losing their balance, humans had various degrees of old age affecting them such as getting grayed hair and more wrinkles appearing on their faces among a few things,Ferengi remaining the same yet their legs begin to fail them to the point of using levitating chairs for a price, and so on. There were few beings out there who were exempted from old age such as immortals,omnipotent beings,androids, robots,and holoprograms. Spock had a dream last night that felt vividly real yet sad.

"Ambassador Spock?" The young dark haired woman said, her eyes trained on the older Vulcan.

She had gorgeous golden earrings dangling off her ears.

"Lieutenant Uhura." It was Spock's voice.

"I was told you came from the right timeline." Uhura said.

"That I did." Spock said.

"Did you and I . . ." Uhura said.

"Negative. I was your mentor and you were my pupil." Spock said. "We were friends."

"I find that hard to believe." Uhura said.

"Miss Uhura--" Spock was cut off.

"Please, call me Nyota." Uhura said.

"Nyota, you are not my T'hy'la and never will be," Spock said. "There will come a day where your relationship has to break off through natural means." Uhura raised the right thin dark eyebrow.. "If I told you the truth it would be hard to believe."

"I have gone through worse." Uhura said.

"Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy." Spock said.

Uhura looked at Spock, bewildered.

"So Kirk and McCoy were dating in your timeline too?" Uhura asked.

Spock sighed, closing his eyes.

She should understand this, Spock reasoned, that they were T'hy'lara. Spock,Leonard,and Jim the triumvirate of Star Fleet. The Holy Triumvirate as some referred to them. It was rare to find T'hy'laras in life let alone one T'hy'la. Rare as it could come in centuries. If his otherself truly loved her, had Spock not revealed that he was incomplete? She didn't stand for ethnics. She didn't stand for compassion. She only stood for his emotions. He was a raging fire of violent emotions due to the near loss of his civilization. He had been thrusted face first into his emotions sooner rather than later. McCoy had a hand in Spock accepting his human half as did the Enterprise crew. Uhura was being ignorant. Unlike his Uhura who noticed the attraction of the three men and started a betting pool which one would marry the other. This Uhura wanted to pretend that everything was all right. That she had her man. Love could make anyone nasty when it came to romance and possessiveness. She was never like this.

Spock opened his eyes.

"You are a independent woman, much like my Nyota, but I cannot and will not approve of what is not mine to judge. This is a different time, Lieutenant,and era." Spock reminded Uhura. "You are too good for me."

Uhura appeared to be alarmed.

"Are you all right?" Uhura asked.

Spock raised his right gray eyebrow.

"Obviously, as I am speaking with you." Spock said, lowering his eyebrow.

"It's just that. . . My Spock doesn't make that kind of light hearted comments." Uhura said.

"He is very capable of it. More than you know. Do not ask me any further about relationship advice dating my younger self." His eyes were trained on hers. "Miss Uhura once flirted with me and I turned her down because Vulcan does not have moons. But it does have two satelite planets in its orbit."

"That counts as a moon." Uhura said.

"It does not." Spock said.

"Does too." Uhura said.

"Kaadith." Spock said. "The only relationship advice I can give without being judgemental is regarding Jim and Leonard."

Uhura stared at Spock through the screen half in shock and awe.

"I never took you for a love scientist." Uhura said.

"Nyota," Spock said. "Acknowledge how your Spock has feelings for men and work through that in your relationship. He is struggling with his own sexuality." That came out a lot better than he had expected. "Spock is bisexual."

Uhura looked small, then furious, damn furious.

"Pardon my language, but why he hasn't he told me that?" Uhura asked.

"Because he thinks he only likes women." Spock said. "There is a double standard to Vulcans and hybrids."

Uhura had a look of realization.

"Oh." Uhura said. "I see what you mean."

"Live long and prosper, Miss Uhura." Spock did the ta'al. "May the results be ever in your favor."

There was a look of shock spreading on her face and she stood up, hands on the table, completely like someone had lied to her and a tinge of hurt in her eyes.

"Spock likes The Hunger Games?" Uhura sounded hurt.

"Spock out." Spock said.

The screen turned black. Spock walked out of the sonic shower picking up the two towels dripping wet. The dream had been amusing. The Hunger Games were a franchise that spawned off several rip off ideas into the media and literature. Why would his other self be ashamed to admit he liked the franchise? Spock wrapped the lower towel around his waist then proceeded to dry himself off. He looked over to see two naked male Ferengi without a head piece, oddly enough, walking side by side talking about the value of a antique. They had their towel over their shoulder appearing to be dry of all cases. These were Tacrak and Perik. They were the two Ferengi platonic life partners known widely in the market due to their exploits in space.

"Spock?" Uhura asked.

Spock turned his head.

"Ny--Uhura." Spock interrupted himself mid sentence. "You look fine today. Where are your earrings?"

"My earrings are--" Uhura touched her ear, her eyes widening. "Not here."

Her eyes registered fear while her face appeared to be horrified. She was scared of getting old as Spock was but she valued her memory just as he did. The other Uhura from his dream looked nothing like Uhura. Not like the younger version Spock had seen in his dreams lately. She had her hair set up differently. Pretty face. Attractive, yes. Able to be in the same league as his Uhura? No. He had seen too little of the other Uhura within his dream. This was the first dream he had with that other Uhura. Spock came out of the shower quarters,dry. He placed the towels into the towel dispensery where they vanished then closed the lid. That's what usually happened. They just vanished into thin air. The room was wide enough to allow a large group of people to stand around. McCoy was getting dressed into a different outfit for the day. When Spock finished getting dressed, it became apparent that McCoy was wearing a white long sleeved shirt below a snow themed sweater that lacked sleeves and long dark pants that ended at his ankles. The pants had patterns of snow falling on the side of the pant leg. It occurred to Spock that the man had individual cabinets for different seasons. Uhura put on a red and white dress.

"Spock," Sulu said. "Did you knit that Christmas shirt?"

Over the past few months it had changed from "Mr Spock" to "Spock" with the core six members of the nursing home. Spock didn't know when but it happened. And the transition felt natural. Smooth and casual.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"And you added the zipper." Sulu asked, as Spock rolled down the zipper.

"And the zipper," Spock said, zipping down the zipper right into the middle of the hand making the ta'al sign. There were a few christmas boxes under the salute. "White goes seamlessly with black."

Sulu had a laugh at that.

"Black always goes great with any color." Sulu remarked.


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