Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


34. 34

Spock was in a painting class making the setting of Vulcan with some sehlats here and there in big clusters. A huge pack at that. Sulu was set near the Vulcan making a gorgeous picture of a green house with a Asian man tending to one of them. It was not Sulu in the picture so it had to be someone else, someone he knew, like say Ben Sulu. Sulu was taking great care of not making the greens slip against one another. Nurse Brockley was giving the lessons watching the various old people look at peace.

"McCoy is going to dress up as Martin Freeman's version of John Watson for the Halloween party." Sulu said. "And he wants you to be his Sherlock."

"Martin Freeman's version is a obsessive vlogger who is undoubtedly bisexual and denying that he is," Spock said. "His version of John Watson is canonically in-correct. Most versions of Watson have him accepting that part of his or hers sexuality instead of suppressing it which is bad for the mental and physical health. Theoretically, it is more likely that his denial eventual kills him and his Sherlock goes into seclusion, never investigates again, and most likely goes into some mental institution due to his fantasy that John Watson never died."

"So you are going to dress up as Sherlock." Sulu said.

"Preferably, I would dress up as Robert Downey Jr's version." Spock said. "Historically, his character is the well more regarded iteration of Sherlock Holmes in the history of the Holmesverse. There have been various iterations since the 21st centuries attempts at capturing their essence. One, where they were both female. Another where Sherlock is a woman and John is a man. Then there is Elementary which has the feel of a different show with all things considered."

"I have to agree," Sulu said. "His version was the best."

"Indeed," Spock said. "What are you going to be dressed up as for the Halloween party?"

"Kevin Ryan," Sulu said. "Chekov is going as Javier Esposito."

"Ah," Spock said. "Espan."

"Their relationship is pretty canon," Sulu said. "Ny and Scotty are dressing up as Woody and Bo Peep."

"I am dressing up as Buzz Lightyear." A black man, retired admiral Joseph Green, was painting the image of space. A nebula to be exact. "You, Evans?"

Charlie Evans was painting an Andorian, young and proud, hands locked behind his back.

"Bitch." Evans said.

"Bitch Cassidy?" Green said.

Evans shook his hand.

"Fred Jones, the original version." Evans said.

Green raised his eyebrows.

"You were that last year." Green said.

"It is the only sane choice." Evans said.

"Over what?" Green said.

"Over Tarzan." Evans said.

"Fred Jones is the most sane choice." Green said.

"Bet your ass it is." Evans said, giving his painting another stroke.

"I am dressing up as Leonardo Devinici." Green said.

"Weren't you Vincent Van Gogh last year?" Evans asked.

"Yes. . ." Green said. "But the dye went to my eyebrows. It took me months to get it out of my hair. I am never going to dress up as a red head again."

"So you were not pretending to be Arnold Schwarzenegger for days afterwards?" Sulu said.

"Course not!" Green said. "I wasn't pretending to be a Australian for months."

"Yes, you were." Brockley said. "Mr Green, that is a very gorgeous picture."

Green smiled.

"Why it's a nebula that I almost got lost in during my ensign days." Green said. "Who are you dressing up, Mr Brockley?"

"Donald Trump." Brockley said. "And Harden is dressing up as Hillary Clinton."

Green raised an eyebrow.

"So the election of 2016 is what you two are going for?" Green asked.

"I have been practicing his persona," Brockley said. "Besides,this is going to be huuuge."

Green and a few of the other elderly laughed. Mostly due to the huge downfall of the former millionaire. Everyone knew how he went broke after the election. How he bitterly tried to get the limelight. How there were documentaries made because of Trump's loss but mostly started at the beginning as he proclaimed that he will win and he will make the United States of America great again years after the Eugenic Wars. America, far as it was concerned, was back on its two feet. He would have made them go bankrupt as he did to his numerous casinos, college, and other businesses. How Trumps downfall was down in history. There was a entire chapter regarding 'What not to do when campaigning for president' devoted to Trump's behavior. Brockley and Harden usually dressed up as well known bitter enemies from films, politics, and real life. One notable Halloween they dressed up as themselves.

"I wonder whose idea was that." Sulu said.

"Mine." Brockley said.

Sulu raised an eyebrow.

"So you are not inspired by a current conflict over a planet inbetween Klingon and Federation territory?" Sulu asked.

"I have not heard of this conflict." Spock said.

"It is the planet of mermaids and mermen who can walk on the surface," Green said. "Just appeared out of no where."

"It was always there!" Evans said. "Bitch."

Green laughed.

"I feel pity for you, human." A Bajoran, Cehen, said toward Evans.

"Don't," Evans said. "I probably did something in the past to deserve it." Brockley came over to see Cehen was painting a picture of Lucario, a long well known creature from the dead franchise Pokemon. "Don't know what."

"Impressive, Cehen,"  Brockley said. "You are getting better at this."

"I have a met similar creature on my travels in dreams." Cehen said.

"Oh?" Brockley asked.

"Except she lacked blue fur." Cehen said.

"What was it then?" Brockley asked.

"Yellow." Cehen said.

"That's a shiny." Brockley said, with a smile.

"A. . . shiny?" Cehen said, confused.

"A rare miscolored Pokemon."  Brockley said. "Who here plays Shiny Pokemon Dream Go?"

A sea of hands rose up.

"I dreamed a shiny Chimchar!" Sulu said.

Spock's eyebrow rose up.

"Fascinating." Spock said. 

Green looked over toward Evan's drawing, appearing to be jealous of his friends talent, then resumed work on his painting. If one were to look around the art room there would be several pictures displaying nostalgia, space, science, people, and other numerous sights. Sulu was smiling from ear to ear, pleased of himself,while Spock paid no attention to the human's painting. Spock had his eyes trained on the canvas. While Brockley spoke with Marg'less regarding the portrait being made. Beside Marg'less was a Bajoran named Koren. Koren was drawing a mouse kangaroo standing alongside a typical mouse.  Sulu had a fond expression on his face. The strokes placed on the canvass was done with care and delicacy to make the colors did not spill into one another.  Spock was a natural at what he was doing. It looked as though he has been doing it for years.

"Beautiful picture, Marg'less," Brockley said. "What is that?"

"The band of Stovokor, but younger." Marg'less said, with a twinkle in her eye. "I love their music. . .If things were only different a hundred twenty years ago. . . ." She had a sigh. "I wish their band formed in my formative years."

"If they had, the band's music would have been exclusive to Klingons." Brockley said.

"Good point." Marg'les said.

"Where did you learn to paint like that?" Brockley asked.

"My friend Terrel," Marg'less gestured over toward her partner who was painting the Vulcan version of Sherlock Holmes. "She has been painting since she was a little girl."

"And still going strong!" Terrel said, proudly.

"She was a wonderful art instructor to me ever since then." Marg'less said.

"One hundred years and counting." Terrel said.

"You are one lucky Andorian to have a friend like that." Brockley said.

"Friend?" Marg'less said. "Who said we were friends?  I am married to her."

"Ooh, my bad." Brockley said.

"It's all right, young man, we got that impression a lot." Marg'less said, with a apologetic but kind smile toward the younger man. "I probably forgot to tell you that she is my wife." She had a small laugh. "I usually forget to tell the new art instructors."

"One time we had a instructor who all ready knew." Terrel said.

Lucky instructor, Brockley thought, they likely made the connection faster than I did.

"And it took her only. . . what?" Marg'less asked. "Three days?"

"Four, counting her asking around." Terrel said.

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