Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


29. 29

"How about we do House M.D?" Jim asked, as Spock and he were entering the empty holodeck.

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"Limping on your leg will create stress to your leg that leads for pain that is non-existent," Spock said. "If we do this holodeck adventure more than once I fear that your leg may never walk straight."

"Says the man who limped in a holodeck adventure." Jim said.

"Vulcans are built differently and we can withstand what would normally ache the legs," Spock said. "It is illogical for you as it may cause long term damage."

"Spock, you are half human." Jim said.

"Yes, I am," Spock said. "Physically and internally I am a Vulcan. Emotionally, I am a human."

"I want to be House." Jim said.

"Then I will be Wilson." Spock said.

That should have been Spock's first clue regarding Jim's well being. But he didn't notice like many times before. Their holodeck adventure unfolded much like an episode ripped out of the flawed yet interesting tv series featuring Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. Spock learned quickly on how to spot cancer in X-rays for his holoprogram patients. The program made their appearance different towards others completely dressed up as the characters. Spock's gray hair was replaced by raven black and looking a hundred years younger. He liked to pretend he was younger while being laid back on his emotions and to help others with their emotions. He was emulating his brother, Sybok, someone who still shared the family bond. Sybok was somewhere around there as a healer. Spock found himself exploring his humanity. He began to see how McCoy viewed when it came down to interacting with Jim who pretended to be House. It was intriguing, really, to see himself through a mirror except less like a jerk.

The romance between Gregory House and James Evans Wilson was fascinating to Spock. It was because Wilson kept coming back to House despite what hell House brought him through. It was even more fascinating because Wilson dated a woman just like House, personality wise. It became apparent that Wilson loved House with that smile when the man finally said he would accept his friends progression in life getting a girlfriend. That wide ass smile that a partner would give when their beloved was happy and when they were happy themselves because of their partner. House, in turn, tried to make his friend happy in the smallest ways he could. Or little, but that didn't matter. Because House was there for Wilson when he got sick with pancreatic cancer. Being there for someone he carried deeply enough to fake his death and spend the last months with his dying best friend instead of going to jail. It was quite the love story, one of Spock's favorite beside Romeo and Juliet, that somehow passed the censors of the 21st centuries days.

Jim and Spock chose to ignore the events of season 5 to the end because how the show went downhill from there. Instead, they chose to follow a headcanon that was accepted by many of the later iterations of the show and in the books. Historians regarded the show as the 21st centuries best love stories. They chose to accept some pieces and ignore some pieces like Huddy for example. Huddy felt dry and lacked something in it. Something that made it not so interesting to watch. It was like something was missing from the equation. They left the holodeck two times that day to eat. Jim babbled on and on about his little ducklings. It brought strange looks upon the small group that lacked McCoy that day. Jim was generally excited about the holo-adventure. With a cane he walked faster than he did before with speed. Maybe it was Spock but Jim did look dashing. They returned to the holodeck to finish the holo-adventure.

Jim walked the second floor with his ducklings close behind him, as usual, jetting out theories and test results. They were the newer versions of the core three: Cameron, Chase, and Foreman. They were working at different parts of the country helping others. Foreman was somewhere in Los Angeles doing the impossible. Cameron was in New York working in the ER. Chase was working in New York, too, as a surgeon. The three core seven were of different backgrounds. Two males and one female. The two males were best buddies: one, Bryan Ranks,used to be the best plastic surgeon in the world until a accident that pegged his self esteem down. The second,George Connor, used to work as a nurse in Cuba who came with his family to find a better employment in New Jersey. The third, Bailey Seven, came from Thailand, best doctor known, with a rather interesting history of her own.

"We have done the tests and the oozing won't stop." George said.

"We can't stop it." Bryan said

"Not if we freeze him to death." Seven said.

"Lumbar puncture," Jim said. "MRI, and. . ." He looked over, "Which one of you is testing the products from the house?"

"We did that and the results came up negative." Seven said. "Whatever our patient is going through does not come from any mold or product malfunction."

"I think he must have ate rat poison." George said.

"Idiot," Jim said. "Rat poison doesn't cause your leg to start dying off!"

"Or he was abducted by aliens that experimented on him." Bryan said. "His story could check out. There were forty-three percent of people claiming they were abducted by weird small aliens and humanoid like aliens that experimented on them using various types of machinery, chemicals, and sight seeing."

"Rat poison does not explain why the patient has lost eyesight in his right eye." Seven said.

"Maybe he is dying early," George said. "Like maybe there is something going on in his liver."

"MRI would explain the problems." Seven said.

A sharp jolt of pain made Jim freeze. It was almost as though he was on fire. His grip on the cane went slack. His hand let go of the cane that it clashed against the floor with a loud cling. It happened so fast, Jim fell landing on the floor with a loud painful scream. Spock overheard the scream from his office. It sounded real, and genuine. Spock has heard many screams in this holo-adventure but never from Jim. Never. He never heard Jim scream in such pain. He has heard human screams before but nothing like this. Spock politely excused himself then sped his way to the hallway where he could see a small pool of blood near Jim's leg. It was quick deduction that he was bleeding out from somewhere.

"Computer, pause holo-adventure." Spock said, calmly as he was by the man's side.

"My back!" Jim screamed. "I can't feel my back---oh my god, my legs, they feel like they are on fire!"

Spock looked up toward the frozen holoprograms and the look of horror on their faces. They would have to resume this holo-adventure later on in the day and explain away why he collapsed. Vicodin addiction could necessary fill in the blanks. Jim and Spock had the discussion of tackling the vicodin sometime along the way within the storyline. Jim ate M&M's in placement of the medication. Three times a day, or better yet, randomly throughout the holo-adventure.

"Computer, end program." Spock said, as the scenery around them faded and their attire had changed as well. "Computer,two to beam to Sick Bay."

The surroundings changed from the usual black and white scenery right into the rather large Sick Bay. Nurse Chapel was in Sick Bay organizing the hyposprays and the other machinery. He was whistling to himself when he heard the melody from his ears. Rarely was the Transporter used to arrive into sick bay. He froze. His mind quickly went through the list of standard emergency protocol when it came to this. Today was his last day being assigned to the Sweet Hill nursing home. And something, very terrible, had just gone wrong. He turned toward the left away from the cabinet to see Spock holding Jim. A bad feeling twisted his stomach up. There was a look of helplessness on the Vulcan's face.

"His back is bleeding." Spock said.

"MY BACK. I CAN'T FEEL MY BACK. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?" Jim was clenching the shoulder of the Vulcan.

Chapel grabbed a hypospray, a sedative,taking a medical tricorder out. The other nurses, yes there was more than two Nurses at a time in Sweet Hill Nursing home, were holding group sessions. There was a painting class being held by Nurse Rand. Nurse Young was holding group therapy. Nurse Gilbert was holding yoga. And so on. Chapel applied the hypospray to Jim's neck. Jim's eyes slowly closed as he went into the abyss. Chapel used the medical tricorder. Chapel's eyebrows furrowed seeing the readings on the medical tricorder. It became apparent that emergency surgery would be needed. Something that could not be given here in this simple, well basic Sick Bay that was not set up for this kind of emergency. The only solution was the hospital in the city that, in terms of transporter beaming, took an hour. By air-car that took two hours. He turned the man over to see the rate of bleeding. Whatever was inside his back made it seem that neither were an option. He would die in exactly one hour and thirty-three minutes if he were not in the hands of professionals. His mind went racing to other solutions. They needed a miracle. He tapped on the communicator.

"Chapel to Harden." Chapel said.

"Harden here." Harden said.

"How many retired surgeons do we have on floor 1?" Chapel asked.

"Three." Harden said.

"Send them to Sick Bay." Chapel said.

"But sir," Harden said, alarmed. "They have not practiced in years!"

"I don't care, we have a Jim Kirk emergency situation!" Chapel said. "His back is bleeding for an unknown cause. Something is in there. And it must be removed! I am a nurse, not a doctor!"

"Mr Chase is thirty-three minute--" Harden said.

"SEND. THEM. IN!" Chapel raised his voice.

"All right,Chapel." Harden said. "Harden out."

Chapel looked up toward the Vulcan.

"Mr Spock, put Jim on the biobed." Chapel said. "On his chest."

Spock nodded. Spock's fingers were trembling. He didn't haven an idea what had lead to this. One moment they were having fun in the holodeck and then this. I am in control of my emotions, I am in control of my emotions, I am in control of my emotions, my emotions cannot control me, Spock repeated mentally in his mind while placing the man on the biobed. He watched the nurse cut the fabric away on Jim's back. He could see the small rounded holes that dotted the man's backside. Spock could hear his heart beating. It was illogical to feel his heart pounding. His eyes on the serene calm resting face of his friend. The only reason Jim had been walking was because of the spinal leg brace. What had he missed? He could have prevented his friend's potentially untimely demise. His hands were trembling. Spock was afraid of losing Jim. It hit him full force how Jim could be gone just like that painfully.

"Mr Spock," Spock turned his attention toward the man. "You have done enough," Chapel said. "Please wait outside."

Spock exited the room. As he went to search for the restroom, there were three old but significantly older men than Spock coming past him babbling about why someone wants them to come to Sick Bay. They were quite excited. Spock cleaned his hands upon entering the restroom then washed his face. He gripped the sink nearly making it crack. He went through his memories, the recent ones, of Jim. Of anything odd that he didn't really take notice. Jim wincing when pretending to be House. Jim rubbing the side of his leg when leaning against the counter. Jim using the wall as his guidance. Jim probably did not want to worry Spock. He wanted to savor the time he could walk, likely, beside him. Jim once noted to Spock, "Sheesh, you are still like a giant to me." earning a laugh from Sulu who was nearby. Spock wanted to punch the glass. Had he been that oblivious? The signs of pain. Willfully ignoring it because Jim was ignoring it.

Spock exited the restroom then came to the sick bay doors and waited, patiently, against the wall.

"Spock?" Uhura's voice came. "Are you coming to lunch or not?"

Spock looked over, with blood shot eyes, and a upset expression on his face.

"Negative." Spock said.

Uhura came over to the Vulcan, deeply concerned.

"What happened?" Uhura asked.

"Jim." Spock said, his voice low. His shirt was stained.

"His spinal-leg brace?" Uhura asked.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"Is he all right?" Uhura said.

"I do not know." Spock said, as Uhura put one hand on his backside. "I missed all the signs."

"It is not your fault," Uhura said, then she appeared to grow furious. "It is the doctors fault"

"What do you mean?" Spock inquired.

"Come to lunch and Sulu will explain," Uhura said. "Jim is going to be all right with the best nurses in there."

"Doctors." Spock corrected Uhura.

"What?" Uhura asked.

"There are retired doctors in there with Nurse Chapel." Spock said.

"We have to cling onto hope," Uhura said, with a kind and comforting smile. "And that it will be allright."

"Your comfort is welcoming," Spock said. "But I must get my shirt cleaned before I arrive to the mess hall." Uhura's hand lowered away from his backside. "How do I tell Leonard what happened to Jim?"

Uhura smiled.

"Let Hikaru do the talking." Uhura said.

The pair walked away from the door.


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