Out of his shell

What if they never served on the same ship and never became the legendary crew Star Fleet regarded? What if they all met at a nursing home? What if it Spock was in a shell of his own? Much like Jim would be. And all it took was McCoy to be there to tow them both out as much as he will regret it.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's second parody of Star Trek in living color.


21. 21

"Mr Scott, there is a young man who would like to speak with you." Nurse Chapel said, as Scotty was combing Nurse Rand's pet poodle and tidying her up. "Mr Scott?" He was stunned to see the old man taking care of the dog using hair cut tools. "Since when did you take care of dogs?"

Scotty looked over his shoulder.

"Lon' time." Scotty said. "Busy right now. Can he take a rain check?"

"He can't." Chapel said.

Scotty sighed, turning his head back toward the dog.

"Go home, Lucy," Scotty said. "You look pretty just the way I first saw you."

Lucy licked the Scottman's face then leaped off the bed.

"How long?" Chapel asked, once the dog went past.

"Past decade." Scotty said.

Scotty wiped the fur off the bed where landed on the floor. A small rotating object came out of the wall then took quick work of the mess. Scotty put away the hair cut tools then parted ways from the room. Chapel, being curious as he was, looked into the logs of the room just to see how long he really had been. He sat down into a chair with his fore arms resting on the counter. The pad on a handle sticking out from the wall. His green eyes widened and his jaw nearly dropped upon searching for Scotty's logs.

"By the great bird of the galaxy, that dog is old." Chapel said.

Our scene transferred into the meeting area. Sometimes it is called the waiting room by its residences, nurses, and doctors. Scotty saw a man who bore resemblance to David Marcus, a man he had encountered before his fatal trip on another vessel. The resemblance was uncanny. And then those bright blue eyes bore right into him. Brighter than Doctor McCoy's baby blue eyes. He was in a golden uniform with a black neck. The insignia of Star Fleet on the right breast. The man stood up with a warm, beaming smile toward the Scottsman.

"Mr Scott." The man held his hand out.

Scotty came over.

"And who might you be?" Scotty asked.

"Someone you should have known." The captain shook Scotty's hand. Their hand shake ended shortly afterwards. He took out a small device. "Considering everything. . . I think you should have it." He handed the device to the scottsman. "I got a version . . . with the older crowd. But you might need it the most than I do." Scotty slipped open the device. "A old friend . . . of mine left it for me."

Scotty saw himself, and the rest of the group, young and in their primes, in 2266's uniforms.

"But we never served---" Scotty started to say.

"You should have." The captain interrupted.

"Who are ye?" Scotty asked.

"Sam Jameson." The captain said.

He looked back at the photo then to the man.

"Jim?" Scotty said. "This. . . But. . . ye're. . . playin' chess with Mr Spock."

The man smiled.

"We are going . . . back to our time. Accidentally went through . . . a ion storm." The captain had a soft laugh. He had a staccato speaking much like Jim. Dramatic, even, when he did not intend to. "You know, for all things considered, you were the best engineer in the galaxy."

"Bet yer ass I was." Scotty closed the device putting it into his pocket. "Thank you,Jim----Captain."

"Admiral." The man said, with a kind smile.

He was in 21st century jeans.

"I wish we had pants like those in my time." Scotty said.

"I guess . . ." The captain said. "Be seeing you?"

"Nae, maybe, wait," Scotty said. "We all ready met."

"Time travel tenses are the worst." The captain said.

"Aye." Scotty said, with a nod.

"Good luck,Scotty." The captain said.

"Nae," Scotty said. "Good luck tae ye. Ye got a ship tae captain. And tell the other me I envy him."

The captain nodded.

"I will tell him you said hello." The captain said, flipping out a communicator device standing away from the device. It looked golden with its black back end. "Scotty, one to beam up."

"Aye aye, captain." Scotty heard his other self. Younger, and apparently happy. "Beamin' up in progress--KEENSER, GET OFF THAT PAD! THE CAPTAIN IS SUPPOSED TAE APPEAR ON THAT ONE!"

Apparently this Keenser was never in his timeline as he raised an eyebrow watching the man vanish in a golden array of circle. Scotty looked down then he reopened the device once more to see the bridge he never served on. He could see parts of the science station sticking out. Mister Spock and Doctor McCoy by Jim's side. Uhura in the background. Sulu and Cheov beyond reach. Nurse Chapel behind McCoy. As it turned out they were supposed to be on the same ship. Scotty closed the device then put it into his pocket. Scotty would later put it into his cabinet then steal a look into it especially when he would later be the last one to be alive. Just to remind himself of what he missed. And what could have been.


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