Mexican!Boy X Danish!Girl [Oneshots]

This is a series of oneshots about a mexican boy named Emilio and a Danish girl named Astrid. They're on a summercamp in Canada where they have two weeks together and theyre in same class. And slowly they fall for each other or? Read to find out ^_^


4. Hurt

Astrid now sat in the soft grass. Looking at Emilio.


She wished it was her he played cards with.


And that she could talk spanish, then life would be so much easier.


"Why stare at him all day long?" Victor, the Little chubby polak beside her said.


"It's none of your business..." Astrid mumbled to Victor.


"You know he's leaving tomorrow right?" He continued.


Astrid felt her eyes starting to tear up.


"Stop it, please i don't want to talk about it" She stumbled out.


Victor comforted her, even if he had a girlfriend here sitting not so long away. He hold her tight and rubbed circles on her back.

"You love him too much..." Victor whispered in her ear.


Astrid could feel his breath tickle down her neck, she giggle and send him a little smile.


"Yeah i know" she whispered, as she started to cry even more. She was broken.


"Yeah i know, i love him too much to realize i need to let him go, because i'll never see him again..." Astrid whisper-screamed.

"He will be gone forever" Astrid said with eyes filled with tears, that were running down her cheeks.

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