Mexican!Boy X Danish!Girl [Oneshots]

This is a series of oneshots about a mexican boy named Emilio and a Danish girl named Astrid. They're on a summercamp in Canada where they have two weeks together and theyre in same class. And slowly they fall for each other or? Read to find out ^_^


2. Emilio's qualities

Astrid never knew Emilio's eyes matched her own black onyx eyes.


She found his necklong, floor-cut hair down his leftside so beautiful.


His smile wad alluring. The brace on his perfect white teeth, made the smile even more perfect.


Emilio's skincolor also looked like hers.


And he was incredibly tall too, but she didn't know how old he actually was.


Astrid nearly always saw him palying basketball in the yard on the camp.


But she'd also notice that, when he was alone he would be biting his nails.


That was not a common thing to fall for but Astrid didn't care she did that too herself.


They were so much alike both inside and outside.


Then Astrid realized she has fallen deeply in love with Emilio...

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