Mexican!Boy X Danish!Girl [Oneshots]

This is a series of oneshots about a mexican boy named Emilio and a Danish girl named Astrid. They're on a summercamp in Canada where they have two weeks together and theyre in same class. And slowly they fall for each other or? Read to find out ^_^


5. Astrids's Highlights

Emilio was walking home from the park to campus.


He was talking and shouting with his mexican friends.


Suddenly he caught Astrid out of his eye corner.


Her nearly black wawy hair was beautiful.


Her dimpels and features were perfect in his eyes.


She was not that talll, but she had a small curvy body figure. Emilio really admired that.


Emilio then began to blush.


He don't want to think about her like that. Like they don't really know each other.


Her skin looked so soft and delicate, her lips looked too kissable.


And she had the most beautiful smile.


He often saw Astrid with her friends talking, laughing and walking around on campus.


"You really love her" His friend Jorge teased.


"No, she is in my class..." Emilio replied.


But deep inside he know he found her "interesting"...

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