With the mind of a teen, a.k.a. my Opinion

The title pretty much tells what this is about - sharing my opinion on things.


1. Introductory (important)

At first I didn't want to write one of these, but then I realized that there ARE some things that I need to say:
First off, do NOT read this Movella if:
1.) You get pissed off by someone's opinion.
2.) You get pissed off by a teen's opinion.
3.) You get pissed off by a teen talking about life.
4.) You get pissed off by teen problems.
5.) You don't like randomness.
6.) You get pissed off if someone mistypes something, or doesn't know how to word something correctly, or re-uses the same words many times. So if you get pissed off by foreignness.
7.) If you don't like swearing.

Also, I do not need haters. I know my flaws, I know I'm not perfect, and if you don't care about my opinion, then don't waste your time and energy here.
And I know that there are still going to be people hating on me, but I'm saying this to the intelligent ones: it's not worth neither of our time and energy.

Also, I am NOT a "teen-teen". You know what I mean.
I'm under 15, above 12, so I'm either 13, or 14, you can choose which one you like more.

Nice start, eh?

So, uh, if there is still anyone left with me, we can now start the Movella!

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