Why one should look out for the release of "I was in love... I am in love".

“I was in Love…I am in Love” is not another love story, it is a true story, it is your own story.


1. Know why you are waiting for this book...5 reasons to help you figure out!


1.You have lived a real story yourself 

Indeed you have, while reading this I am sure you can 
recollect those breath-taking moments. Even today those goose bumps have gotten the better of you.
You have lived, laughed, wept and even soaked the tears of that wonderful love tale which has been etched in your hearts since time immemorial. If reading this article, leaves you teary eyed or with a wide smile or with a beating heart, you definitely need to look forward to “I was in love…I am in love”


2.You have waited to see your beloved online like crazy 

You have been through that era when the chat messengers were saviours

and were the only source to contact your beloved. The offline messages were by far the greatest treasures back then. 
It was the time when love wasn’t truncated to “luv” as per convenience, reaching out to your beloved was a huge test of character and patience. It wasn’t a cake walk like a Whatsapp or FB nowadays. If hearing the constant Whatsapp message tone bugs you and you recall the Yahoo messenger of the 90s and it’s flashy emoticons, those Tring and Buzz sounds which enlightened your day, then definitely this story is worth a read for you.


3. You fell in love for a reason, not for a season 

Truly, most of you would swear in on this fact. 

Your love had always been true and pure to the core, irrespective of the outcome. 
You have always wanted your story to blossom and looking at your soulmate soar with happiness and delight was your only dream. Love subtly entered your life and transformed you to a better human being. And today when you look back, you realise that you have changed for the good, you have learnt to serve selflessly. You have truly loved someone.


4. You realise that love at first sight is a misnomer 

Falling in love at first sight is a myth, a misnomer.
It is like that initial fizz in a soda which doesn’t sustain beyond few seconds. 
Love happens when you start getting to know each other and end up needing each other.
No book is best judged by its cover and a similar law binds human beings. So upon that first glance of someone, if you feel something knocking the door of your heart, hear the knock again. It may not persist for long, it was just momentary.


5. Destiny’s plan is the best plan 

Yes you fought some battles hard, you won some and you lost some terribly.
 Your heart has been the sole victim in each of these hard battles yet in the current scheme of things, 
whatever you have today, makes you smile. It instills the feeling of contentment within and you realise, 
that God’s plan was and shall remain to be the best one for you. There was always a reason why the things that mattered the most to you didn’t click then, for today you have much better things in your possession. If you can relate to all this, you should definitely read, “I was in love…I am in love”. 


To know more about the author and the book, visit https://karanbhatiaonline.com/


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