Unnatural Love -1st book-

Avery and Riker knew each other well-er well back in elementary and Middle school. Now they are in High school and act like they don't know each other. One day Avery runs over Riker with her car causing him to break EVERYTHING. Avery's mom forces her to watch over Riker and help him get better and healed. The two spend lots of time together which may lead to a bit of a love story :)


2. Two years later-Avery


"Avery Cincinatti?" the teacher asks while calling Role call.

"Here." I reply.

Mr. Black smiles at me and looks back at his paper.

I slouch down in my desk listening to him call role call and resting my chin on my knuckles.

It's the first day of sophomore year.

I have like...no super close friends.

No boyfriend.

No life.

I remember the good days in Middle school where I was miss popular-well me and my friends were.

Gigi, Fake Lily, Jonah, and....

"Riker Smith?" Mr Blacks calls.

In the Corner in the room I see Riker.

He has brown hair with the tips of his hair frosted. A Vans brand shirt, ripped jeans, and old beat up converse.

"Here." He says while glancing around the room but not at me.

I sigh and look down at my feet.

A huge smile spreads across Mr. Blacks face.

"Well that should sum it up. Anyways I'm Mr. Black blah blah blah blah you guys already know." He giggles at his own "Joke" no one seemed to get.

"Today you will be assigned to do a huge all year science project. therefore- you need partners." 

Mr. Black curtsies over to me with a little  pink decorated jar full of names

-I think he's gay. Literally.

"Avery, Please pick a person from the jar. ANONYMOUSLY." I'm a bit scared to choose because what if I get RIker?!

It would be just like the movies.

I quickly reach my hand in and pull out slowly praying I won't get him.

I read the name:

"Jacob Cornwell." I sigh with relief but disbelief.

Jacob is in the corner dressed like every other guy dresses.

He has dirty blonde hair too.

Jacob says, "That's me." and smiles at me.

I stare at him the whole time I'm processing to sit back down.

He has goblin green eyes like me.

I finally urge to look away and brush my light brown hair behind my ears.

A few moments later after everyone has gone, Riker was the last one to pick.

But there seems to be no more names left in the jar.

"Ah, Riker we're going to have to add you to another group! eenie, meenie, minie, Avery and Jacob."

My face fills with redness.

His does too.

Riker swaggers over to us like nothing happened.

"Hey man what u-" Jacob tries to finish his sentence but the daily announcements come on.

"Welcome fellow West High school students! today I am to insure you that today's lunch is sloppy joe with a side of fried beans. Now I would like to address some things, Due to the school dress code, there will be not tube tops, no short shorts and no-" 

"No don't say the last one!" Jacob shouts.

"mini skirts." The announcement guy ends the announcement with a good quote.

"Dammit." Jacob sighs while slamming his fists to the desk.

Riker grins.

So do I.

"Okay so for the project what should we do..-?" I say Awkwardly.

"Well...we wait for Mr. Black to give us our crap info." Riker huffed.

Jacob sits down and stares out the window to glance at the cheer squad.

"Damn they're hot, am I right Riker?" Jacob asked.

"Sure." Riker replies.

He's not as bad as I thought and remembered.

Suddenly after about 9 minutes of me being quiet and them having a discussion about cheerleaders, then hot olympic women, then hot girls, Mr.Black curtsies over to our table.

"Here you guys go." He hands us a pink glittery envelope that I think has our assignment on it.

I can't tell because of all the glitter and smeared paint.

Mr.Black giggles,"Can you tell I made it myself?" He rubs his bald head and scratches his fat lump of stomache.

I give him a disgusted look and open the envelope.

As I slide out the paper,-of course its purple this time.

I read it aloud.

It reads,

"How fast can germs spread after one part of a body touches another? You must do a complete demonstration, have a poster or slideshow, and this will last only for semester 1 and part of 2."

Riker and Jacob look at each other.

"Dude, what the crap? a demonstration?" Riker mentioned.

"I'm sure he means like create a video or something.."I add.

Jacob smiles at me-not the good kind.

"How about me and you Avery? We can hit it up." Jacob implied.

I look at him in shock, guilt, and disgust.

Riker shoots him a dirty look.

"Dude, no. Why don't we just create an animated version." Riker suggested.

I smile at him.

"Brilliant."I add

The bell rings.

Jacob winks at me and leaves.

Of course I roll my eyes at him.

As I gather my things Riker starts speaking to me.

"So..Avery it's been a long-" I interrupt him not wanting to hear a freaking word come out of his mouth.

"Save it." I scold at him.

He has his mouth open but slowly shut it. He looks sad, but I don't care.

Not in a million years because what he has done.

When he heads out the door, I can't help myself but wonder.

"RIKER!" I shout.

He peeks his head through the classroom door.

"Are you still friends with Lily?" I ask.

He pauses like he's debating on what to reply.


"What about Gigi?"


"Jonah?" My lip trembles at this moment.

He sighs,

"I dunno, we've been fighting lately about a rumor...but it doesn't matter. cya." 

He pulls his head back, and I glance back down at my stuff.

"Riker hasn't changed. It seemed like it...but nope." I think.









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