Unnatural Love -1st book-

Avery and Riker knew each other well-er well back in elementary and Middle school. Now they are in High school and act like they don't know each other. One day Avery runs over Riker with her car causing him to break EVERYTHING. Avery's mom forces her to watch over Riker and help him get better and healed. The two spend lots of time together which may lead to a bit of a love story :)


3. The Party-Riker


Why did I even bother to try and apologize?

She obviously didn't give a shit.

I walk down the hallway, my backpack dangling off my shoulder.

A few girls with blonde hair smile big, and jump up and down.

I am scared right now at this moment because they are running at me.

I try to run but am quickly stopped because they are faster than me.

"Hey RIKER!!!!!! Are you busy tonight?!" One of them asks me.

I think to say no-but they are so freaking hot...I can't resist.

"Umm...No?" I reply.

Right then their faces beam with brighter smiles to the point where i'm starting to dig for my sunglasses.

"SO YOU SHOULD COME TO LILY'S  LIT PARTY TONIGHT!!! AND BRING YOUR COSTUME! ITS A COSTUME PARTY" One of the girls exclaims as she hands me a flyer-er invitation thing.

What? Why wan't I invited earlier.

I shake my head and look up at them.

"Okay yea i'll be there...do you know where Lily is?" I ask

They stare at each other like they're debating on weather to tell me or not.

"In the Cafeteria..on the podium." They say.

I look at them in the way that means-GO AWAY.

One blonde winks at me, and the other blows me a kiss.

I shrug and head to the Cafeteria.

As I reach the cafeteria its hella crowded.

Just up ahead at the podium is Lily.

She notices me and grins.

I smile.

She runs over to me and hugs me.

"Riker!! my buddy whats up?!" 

I shrug,

"I'm just...wondering." I say as I pull away.

"Why didn't you invite me to the party yourself?" I ask.

She looks at me with disagreement and folds her arms.

"Umm Riker, get real. I just had my other friends hand out invitations to everyone in the school. I didn't like order every single person." She sasses.

I nod and leave-or attempt.

"Riker!" Lily calls.

"What?" I sigh as I turn around.

"Are you still coming?"

"Yea, sure." I decide.

   When I get home I jump in bed and throw my homework to the side. 

I ponder.

Things that go through my head when I'm in bed:

1. Party


3.Annoying hot blondes


I don't know why I can't stop thinking about her..

Her goblin green eyes, Her long light brown hair, nice tan skin.


Avery is not your problem anymore!

I jump out of bed and rummage through my closet for my  spartan costume.

Nope not here.

In my drawer?


under the bed?

Boom there you are.

I grab the costume and put it on.

As soon as I get it on I make time to go to my moms room and rub some black paint streaks on my cheek.

During my attempt to do "MAN" makeup, my mom walks in.

"Riker what the hell-" She groans as she rubs her forehead.

"I'm going to a party." I reply.

She suddenly takes her hand off her forehead and rests it on her hip.

"Riker, I didn't say you could ho to a party-let alone a costume..party?" she cautioned while observing me.

"Mom please it's Lily's Party." I plead.

I shouldn't have said that knowing my mom Hates Lily's Guts.

"Uh uh, nope not her!" Mom exploded.

"'MOM! what if I can have a curfew? I'll be home at...?" I try to compromise.

"Fine, 11." She finishes.

I start up again.

"11...I know a 5 year old with that curfew..." 

"FINE 12! NOW GET, GET" She Demands.

I grin at her and give her a kiss on the forehead.

I then start to leave and head to Lily's house.

I finally get there and it's hella crowded.

Her mansion is HUMONGOUS. Pool and everything. 

Over in the corner by the snacks I notice a girl with green eyes reflecting off the tiki torches.

Avery Cincinnati.

For a moment, I feel like she notices me too. 

I take a long time to stare at her.

Then suddenly.

"Hey Hottie. Looking good." A girls voice says behind me.

I turn around to see Gigi standing there.

She wobbles over to me in her 6 inch heels attempting to stay standing up.

She's drunk. Definitely.

"Hey...."I encouraged as i hold her back to get her to stop tumbling.

"So Riker did you see Avery. That Hoe decided to come." Gigi burps and giggles. 

I ignore the question and she dosen't seem to notice.

"EHHHHHHH! Riker your so boring. Where's Jonah He's a Hot Mf." She rolls her eyes at me.

I let go of her and attempt to head over to Avery.









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