Unnatural Love -1st book-

Avery and Riker knew each other well-er well back in elementary and Middle school. Now they are in High school and act like they don't know each other. One day Avery runs over Riker with her car causing him to break EVERYTHING. Avery's mom forces her to watch over Riker and help him get better and healed. The two spend lots of time together which may lead to a bit of a love story :)


1. Prologue-Avery

The last day of Eight grade.

Me and my friends are chilling in the back of the school.

Jonah and Riker are in the corner hitting each other and arguing.

Meanwhile Gigi, Lily, and I watch them and giggle.

"You know it's kinda hard to believe we're all friends." I say while looking at my feet.

Gigi looks at me confused.

"WTF do you mean? Avery, we're friends because we know each other and love each other." Gigi replies.

Lily laughs and says,"Me too. I agree with Avery not Gigi"

"I just think that I'm different from you guys. I'm not as pretty I don't have a boyfriend, and I have all A's but you guys don't." I say half smiling and confused about what Lily said.

Lily nods.

"Well I think its about time I got this out."

She clears her throat and looks at me after she flips her shiny black hair.

"I hate you Avery Cincinnati. I have ALWAYS hated you. You're a bitch in disguise and I know it."

I look at her shocked and so does Gigi.

Riker and Jonah look at each other, then at us and walk over to form a half circle of which-i'm not in it.

"I'm what do you mean Lily? I do so much for you-I've DONE so much for you and you do this to me?" I reply teary eyed.

"Uggh bitch please, okay no one here likes you." She groans.

Riker shoots Lily a dirty look.

"I like her. Shes a good friend. Damn Lily whats up with this." Riker shoots back at lily standing by me.

Gigi and Jonah scoot closer to Lily.

"Can I be done being fake now?" Gigi asks Lily.

Lily nods.

"Look Avery, I'm dating  Lily as you already know and I agree with everything she says. Fake Hoe." Jonah says to me.

I start to tear up and cry but I remember that Riker is right here with me.

"Riker its her, or us your actual friends." Jonah added.

Riker looks at them like they stabbed him.

I know Riker. Riker would never leave me.

I link my arm around his and look up at him.

His brown eyes filled with sorrow.

"I-I'm sorry Avery." He lets go and walks away with Lily.

I break out into tears.

My best friends since Kindergarten, are now my best friends for never.

Riker looks back at me. Tears fill his eyes.

Him and I always had a connection.

Something different. 

Now it's gone.

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