Unnatural Love -1st book-

Avery and Riker knew each other well-er well back in elementary and Middle school. Now they are in High school and act like they don't know each other. One day Avery runs over Riker with her car causing him to break EVERYTHING. Avery's mom forces her to watch over Riker and help him get better and healed. The two spend lots of time together which may lead to a bit of a love story :)


5. Hospital-Riker

"Ahh Riker it's been a long time." A lady says to me as she walks in.

My Nurse just happens to be Avery's mom.

"Mrs. Cincinnati! hey-look i'm really sorry abou-"

"Just don't Riker. That was Avery's past."

"She seems still upset." I sigh.

Why did I choose them over Avery. I'm going to have to think.

I'm in pain. Physically, and mentally.

"Okay..both arms and legs broken. and some Ribs. Wow" she gawked.

I lie in bed and she rests my arms on some pillows and slings.

While she is doing her paperwork, a knock is at the door.

Mrs.Cincinnati opens it.

"Well, well, well it's Avery." She scolds.

Avery walks in with a disappointed look.

"Mom, really?" She asks.

Avery tucks a few strands of her hair behind her ear. 

With a click of a pen, Mrs Cincinnati finishes her paperwork.

"Well I'll be back in an hour. Avery, your punishment is to watch over him 'till I'm back."

She exits the room and Avery makes her way over to my bed.

She sits on the end not touching any of my body.

"Hey... How are you doing?" She asks, with guilt.

I smirk at her.

"Not good."

She starts to tear up.

"N-n-no don't cry." I protest.

She starts to giggle and wipe her tears.

"I'm really sorry. I-I didn't see you." 

I cough.

"Hey-you're fine. It was mostly my fault."

She laughs.

"I kinda figured that out."

Avery gets up and walks over to a cabinet.

She pulls out a game.


"Wanna play?" she asks while shaking the box.

Bishh where? 

WTF she think she's playing it.

"I can't. You F***ing broke me." I say annoyed.

She laughs.

"I know. I'm only joking." 

She puts the game back and grabs another one.

"Scrabble?" She asks.

"I can move the pieces for you." She asks convincingly.

The board is laid out on a table near me.

"Alright, I'll start." she says, as she makes a move.

First word she puts together is, "Tell".

"I put tell. your turn." She smiles.

her dimples are deep and kind of adorab-


I'm trying to think of a word but then she says something,

"Can I ask you something Riker?" 

"Yea sure." I reply.

"Why aren't things okay with you and...and..Jonah?" She asks looking me in the eyes.

Goblin green.

"Umm...Well...he was just being...I couldn't forgive him. I couldn't forgive him for making me go away from you. " I finally let it out. Hopefully she forgives me.

Avery looks at her feet. Then looks up at me.

"So..he made you?" She asks.

Well actually he didn't! what do I tell her?

"Ah..Love." I say.

"Love?" she says confused.

"I came up with a word for scrabble. on one of the L's put Love." I say trying to make her forget about the whole 8th grade incident.

She doesn't smile but places the letters down.

Suddenly the door opens and Lily walks in.

"OH RIKER BUDDY!!!!!!! ARE YOU O-" She stops and looks at Avery.

"What The F**K this Biatch doing here." She sasses.

Avery sits dumbfounded. 

"Lily. NIce to see you again." Avery states sarcastically.

"Bitch where. Riker's mine." She says.

Avery frowns and rushes for her things to leave.

"Avery... Wait you don't have to leave." I try and get her to stay because I like spending time with her.

Lily looked at me like I shot her.

"RIKER!" Lily yells and scolds.

I don't care what she thinks right now.

"Please don't leave." 

"Well I want too." Avery then exits the room.



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