Unnatural Love -1st book-

Avery and Riker knew each other well-er well back in elementary and Middle school. Now they are in High school and act like they don't know each other. One day Avery runs over Riker with her car causing him to break EVERYTHING. Avery's mom forces her to watch over Riker and help him get better and healed. The two spend lots of time together which may lead to a bit of a love story :)


6. 5 weeks later-Avery

It's been 5 weeks already. I make daily visits to Riker in the hospital. Things with Dean have been well...we've been going on dates.

That's a good thing. He is just so sweet, loving, and perfect. He just asked me to the movies and I said yes. Dean and I are basically dating...even though he never asked me out, I assume we are dating. If we kiss everyday before class, does that mean we're dating?

I fix myself up before the movie. Makeup, check. Cute outfit? for sure. I'm currently wearing White high-top converse, a cute white tee, and denim skinny jeans.

Now I'm ready to walk 6 blocks to the movie theater. Well..Dean Can't give me a ride.

I meet Dean at the movies. He looks regular. I start to walk over to him and he notices.

"Hey Avery. Nice outfit." He says, looking me up and down. I blush.


He suddenly looks away at something behind me. I turn around to see Jonah and Gigi.

Suddenly, I shiver at the sight of them. Dean grows a gigantic smile on his face. I sorta force a smile, but it ends up turning into a straight face. Action less, speechless, and awkward, I stare.

"YO MAN! Whats up!?" Dean shouts at Jonah. Jonah turns around and a smile spreads across his face.

"Lit dude. Who's the-" He stops himself and realizes.


"Jonah." As soon as Gigi hears me say his name, she turns.

"Avery? What the f**k? you're going out with Dean?" She asks all sassy like. I don't know how to answer. Before I even do, Dean answers for me.

"No-we're just-yea-no-friends..." Dean stutters. I give him a look of disagreement. How could he tell her We aren't dating when we practically are.

"How in the hell could you like her?" She asks. Jonah gives Gigi a look of concern.

"Why are you worrying about them? Just leave them be and we can enjoy our movie." Jonah tries to grab Gigi's wrists. She jerks it away.

"Don't touch me!" She shouts at him. He looks confused, and angry. 

"Look I'm gonna leave." I say as I head out the door. Dean doesn't even look at me. He just stands there drooling on Gigi. What an asshole.

I call Cassie to pick me up. After 5 minutes of waiting, She finally pulls up in her little mint green slug bug.

"Get in." She says. I was already obeying her before she asked. She looks at me concerned. 

The car is quiet for a few seconds before we drive because she keeps staring at me. I am getting really annoyed and confront it.

"Hey will you not?!" I yell. She jerks back surprised.

"Can't a friend be concerned?" She asks frowning at me. I feel bad right now. She's always been there for me since freshman year started. What kind of friend am I?

"Cass, I'm sorr-" She interrupts me with her hand. Literally she puts up her hand in my face.

"Don't. I'll just take you home and we can discuss this later." 

She drops me off at my house. And I thank her. Of course she puts the hand up and drives away at the same time.

Right now all I want to do is be with Riker. Someone who actually makes me laugh, smile, and just happy. Dean makes me feel like this occasionally. today was not the day. 

Suddenly, I have an idea. My mom is asleep, so that means I can use the car. After all, mine was taken away. After running over Riker.

I sneak into my moms room and crawl for the keys. Successfully, I manage to get them. I plug the keys in the car, and turn up the midnight jam.

Riker here I come.

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