Cool For The Summer

Seventeen year old Jason Micaster lives in a routined life. It's just the way his family was. In the small town of Houston, his residence is a well-known, put together, picture perfect family. But, every person gets bored of the same thing. After another day on repeat, Jason and his best friend, McGee, who is handicapped, run away. On a journey to California, they travel through states meeting new people. Having new experiences, and even gaining a love. Read to find that the best things in life are free, and weed.


2. June 2, 2016 / 1:30 A.M.

Entry #2

Four more days until school is over. McGee and I are looking forward to it all. Especially leaving Houston. This master plan is still kind've hazy, I'm not going to lie (wish I could). Right now I'm in study hall, writing, while texting McGee. Lucky me, I routed my phone to the printer in the library. Below is our messages:

I drew rock hands next to McGee's messages just for future references. I went through the school day, and came home. Like I normally did. After dinner, I sat in my room waiting for McGee to come over. The clock had struck eight by the time I found him being showed to my room by my mom. I closed the door and locked it. Even stuffed blankets near the bottom of the door. This was something NO ONE could hear. They'd try to stop us or even worse, separate us. It's sad that I have to go full on stealth mode in my own house. As we talked it was all confirmed. We'd leave, hit the buses, and be in Ohio the next morning where we'd stay until the next morning. Then we'd leave to Indiana. The night before we leave McGee is going to pick up a pound of weed and hide it in his room. We had everything except places to stay planned out. But what did that matter? I snuck to the basement and recovered my old tent. So now everything was handled. I shoved it under my bed and dabbed McGee up. We had all the power in our hands. Just had to wait it out a couple days. We agreed no contact with our families until we got to where we were going. I have to admit, I want this more than anything. I mean, I love my family. But, I can't stand the life we have. Maybe once I leave they'll understand my wants and needs, and loosen up a little. I don't know. One thing I do know, is this summer, I'll be a drug dealer with my best friend. 

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