Find me where the wild things are.

Hi. I am Ashley. I live with Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam,andLouis. We are all supernatural. We all have different powers and animal spirits. We were assiainged to our animal spirit when we were born. There is a man named Matt who had been after me for revenge. Niall found me on the strret when i was 8. Now 27 i have to learn to fight,kill or be killed.


7. While u live

i woke in nialls arms,and smiled. Remembering last night-oh lordie. :)

We had to move from here. Somehow the man that tried to hurt me was part of the Dynamites. They were after us! Slowly we got up,ate,git dressed, and got a move. Harry and the rest of em rode in a car as me and zayn walked as wolves. I was scared honestly,but knowing that u had 4 strong,proctective,loving friends to take care of me made me smile. 

****2hrs later

We areived at a small house and didnt unpack all. We would be constantly moving from place to place till the war was over. I flopped on the couch with Loui. We sighed. "What are we gonna do?" I asked. "I have no idea" he said weirdly. I laughed.

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