Find me where the wild things are.

Hi. I am Ashley. I live with Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam,andLouis. We are all supernatural. We all have different powers and animal spirits. We were assiainged to our animal spirit when we were born. There is a man named Matt who had been after me for revenge. Niall found me on the strret when i was 8. Now 27 i have to learn to fight,kill or be killed.


9. Castaway

nialls pov

Food ninja finnaly ended. We all took showers. When we were done we went for a walk. Of course,bae wanted to go as a wolf. So we all did. The sun shone perfectly over the lake and the grass was soft. She let out a howl. I joined in. Then zayn. Then louis. Harry and liam. We howled in perfect harmony. I love these guys to death.

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