Find me where the wild things are.

Hi. I am Ashley. I live with Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam,andLouis. We are all supernatural. We all have different powers and animal spirits. We were assiainged to our animal spirit when we were born. There is a man named Matt who had been after me for revenge. Niall found me on the strret when i was 8. Now 27 i have to learn to fight,kill or be killed.


8. 7 am wakin up in the afternoon

7 am. I got out of bed,took a shower,put on some of nialls clothes as i laid beside him. "Hello love" he said,his eyes still closed. I smiled and kissed him. Silently i got on top of him and whispered" wake up please". He smiled. "If u would get off of my,i would" he laughed. "Well,my pleasure" i tried to sound annoyed. "Wait,love im sorry!" He cried out. I smiled and ran out the doors downstairs. He was chasing me! Fun! "Get back here!" He siad following me. I squealed. I dashed and hid under liams bed. Niall walked in. Slowly he got on his stomach and looked at me. "NIALL JAMES HORAN!!!!!!" i heard liam yell. Uh oh. :)... . Suddenly niall dashed out the door witg liam chasing him. "WHAT THE HELL?!?!" Harry and louis yelled coming downstairs. I grabbed liams hoodie and pushed him in the couch. "WE ARE PLAYIN CHASE!!!" i yelled,chasing niall. Then harry,louis and zayn joined. I let out an excited squeal as harry hung me over his shoulders. "Put me down!!" I screamed hitting his back. "Zayn!!" I yelled. He just shrugged. I kicked harry stomach as i grabbed Salsa from the fridge and dumoed it on his hair. Food fight!!" Louis declared. Harry grabbed noodles and dumped it on zayn,liam put jello on niall and so forth. It was disgusting. But it had to be the best way to wake up and start a fresh day. I finnaly dumped ice down louis boxers. "AAAAAAH!!" he screamed running around like a little girl as we laughed. 

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