A heart of gold and a voice of iron

the kingdom of Panasia is one of the last six thriving kingdoms. there are no wars and no weapons and the country's live in fear and respect of the six kings and the elder emperor. now in the smallest kingdom Panasia, king Alvermorya and his wife are preparing their daughter for her last year of schooling before her betrothal tho prince Johan of the fourth kingdom wich by name is called Okladrea. until the princess loses her heart to a young man named Leonardo of the third. this (outstandingly handsome) man is me.
in this book, you will get to see through both the tutor and the princesses eyes


8. the prinsses


            princess is a title one can have but it does not mean anything util one upholds her title insomuch that she must do something which she thought she would never have to do or in my case choose between.

  my name is Paige Analece of the 5 sectors, I am 17 and approaching my last year of education I am the second daughter of my father and my older sister was married to the oldest son of the fourth sector last year. I am in the sixth sector for the summer. My parents find it heartless to marry me off to a man I don't know yet. I thought them wise until I was stuck at his ''amazing home'' all summer long. 

we arrived at the sector six palaces in mid afternoon and prince john came out to meet us accompanied by his mother and two younger sisters (which both of them are vain rates) at first princes Jhon was quite charming and silverless and I was flustered when in his presence. it was my perfect summer romance in the garden one night in august we were talking on a marble bench. I had my head on his shoulder and he held me tight,''how did get so lucky to have you as my betrothal"he said it to me and i smield and felt as though nothing would ever go wrong ''luck must favor as much as i do''i said it half laghing and tis is how in went.

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