A heart of gold and a voice of iron

the kingdom of Panasia is one of the last six thriving kingdoms. there are no wars and no weapons and the country's live in fear and respect of the six kings and the elder emperor. now in the smallest kingdom Panasia, king Alvermorya and his wife are preparing their daughter for her last year of schooling before her betrothal tho prince Johan of the fourth kingdom wich by name is called Okladrea. until the princess loses her heart to a young man named Leonardo of the third. this (outstandingly handsome) man is me.
in this book, you will get to see through both the tutor and the princesses eyes


6. the girl in the music room


            I walked to the port tube ready to enter.when I was in I found room 409 and no surprise it was exhilarating air was pushing me up so tightly I couldn't move my arms  and when I landed o the floor I fell over from the chang of the environment.  I looked up ''room 405, 407, 409" as I walked I felt full of sophistication I was going to take the port tube everywhere. I pushed the door open and gasped at the large room the roof of the room was glass well as the back wall. it was about ten minutes of stroking the fine interments,admiring the sheets of music that had no pen or pencil lining the pages and every note, and then the view was amazing... . somewhere in the middle of the view I heard someone sobbing then the door flew open and I ducked down behind a piano she said something between her sobs that sounded like a very bad version of french accents.then the sound stops I peeked out I saw no one then I wiped around  to see a girl with soft long brown hair it fell in small curls down her back  and a long flush face with mascara running down it and  a blue dress that flowed with grace down past her ankles.  she screamed as she through a very nice pair of shoes  at my head .    

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