A heart of gold and a voice of iron

the kingdom of Panasia is one of the last six thriving kingdoms. there are no wars and no weapons and the country's live in fear and respect of the six kings and the elder emperor. now in the smallest kingdom Panasia, king Alvermorya and his wife are preparing their daughter for her last year of schooling before her betrothal tho prince Johan of the fourth kingdom wich by name is called Okladrea. until the princess loses her heart to a young man named Leonardo of the third. this (outstandingly handsome) man is me.
in this book, you will get to see through both the tutor and the princesses eyes


4. sector 5


            the large city was so different from sector 3 every road paved and lots of construction and hovers lined the streets and filled the parking lots. porting tubes lined the sky and people swoosh through them. the organized buzz of the city amused me for some time, the people where tall thin pail and plane there hair was sliced back where as mine fell in sight curls above my shoulders. The people did not talk in the streets but walked past as if there was some where that they had to be every second of the day.  The castle was now in view it was a wonder it looked as tall and long as seven skyscrapers a half circle. it had its own port tubes that weaved in and out of the castle. It is no wonder this is the pride of sector 5. my hover goes at a steady pace and as I draw closer the height and every feature grows in size and wonder.    

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