A heart of gold and a voice of iron

the kingdom of Panasia is one of the last six thriving kingdoms. there are no wars and no weapons and the country's live in fear and respect of the six kings and the elder emperor. now in the smallest kingdom Panasia, king Alvermorya and his wife are preparing their daughter for her last year of schooling before her betrothal tho prince Johan of the fourth kingdom wich by name is called Okladrea. until the princess loses her heart to a young man named Leonardo of the third. this (outstandingly handsome) man is me.
in this book, you will get to see through both the tutor and the princesses eyes


3. my departure to the unknown


          As I  stared at the cream colored paper folded and then sealed with red wax the imprint in the wax was clear and distinct, a serpent coiled around a crown on the crown it was small but the number 5 was marked.my skin crawled with excitement my hands were slow to open the letter though my mind was repeating "faster,faster" then confusion  interpreted "why me, is this some fake coped letter with a fill in the blank where they put your name..." I froze it was to me. as I read it my mind was racing. ''they want me'' .... ''to teach''  this I said slowly so not to waste a moment of bliss.

hear i was 19 and already on my way to being a five hade a hover and collect me and my things and all my tools would be provided. one student this was going to be easy ''princess Paige was what 5,6yaers old that was when girls start learning music''  I thought to myself. I soon discovered how wrong I was and what I walked right into.


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