Your friend

Just a way I see things life really


1. Your friend

So he or she is your friend, they always walk about with you, always listening to what you have to say, u think to yourself are you insane or going crazy because you are talking to them, they seem to not ever reply though, u can shout at them but they won't shout back, you can insult them but they won't insult u back, they are your best friend they always listen even though they don't say anything back they sometimes hide from u in the dark but in the he light there ways around u bouncing from left to right, forward to back, they always try and mimic you and do what you do but that's the thing all these things aren't uncommon with your shadow it's the way they are they are, free as the air that flows round even if they do only come around when there is light they do hang around for a long while they are like your double ganger haha... not funny, and when its dark and its dark they go away for a little while but when the light returns ,guess what, they return to you to say hi but then they disappear as the light fades but who is to say just because the light is gone doesn't mean they are gone just means you can't see them they will always be your friend until the very end, the time you fade to the next place and u look at each other for the last time you will remember all the times you have had even, if you don't realise it will be the best friend you have ever had and the one that has seen what your rights and wrongs have done the one and only friend.

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