The Choice

Anna is 18, and is so busy planning her future, that she's out of touch with the world. She doesn't have time for love, until her friend wins tickets to go backstage at a Justin Bieber concert, and drags her along. Anna has no idea who he is, or how much he's about to change her life.


2. Corridor Guy


Three hours later, the girls slumped on to Anna's bed, weighed down by bags. Lily's father was really successful in his career as a photographer, so she insisted that she'd treat Anna to some hot new outfits. They'd bought dresses, shoes, make up and accessories, and Lily was on cloud 9 with excitement.
"We need to start getting ready, the limo is coming to pick us up in two hours!" She squeaked, throwing garments out of bags and switching on Anna's flat iron. 
"Limo?" Anna asked, shaking her long, dark brown hair loose. 
"Yeah, didn't I tell you? They're sending a limo to pick us up!" Lily danced around the room hugging her far-too-short little black dress to her body.
"No, you didn't. Jeez, they've really gone all out haven't they?" Anna smiled. She was looking forward to spending some time with her friend.
"Yeah, they have. Now, come here Anna-Banana. I've got work to do."


An hour later,  Anna gasped as she looked at herself in the mirror. Lily had refused to let her look until she was finished. Anna was a pretty girl, but the girl she saw in the mirror was stunning. Soft, glossy, chocolate brown curls cascaded over her shoulders, her bright blue eyes were opened up by layers of thick, black eyelashes, her face was softly contoured, her cheekbones high and striking, her lips were a sultry red, making her look like some Hollywood starlet instead of plain Anna Edwards. Her body looked curvaceous and tanned in her flowing red dress, her nails neatly painted. She looked gorgeous.
"Lily, you're amazing. I look..." She began.
"Hot? Yeah I know. I'm a magician." Lily laughed, beginning on her own make up. "Now be quiet, I've got to get myself ready too. Justin Bieber and I have a date."

An hour later, they were cruising in the limo, sipping mocktails and waving out of the window to strangers in the street. 
"I'm so excited, Anna. I'm glad I get to share this with you." Lily hugged her friend, Anna squeezed her back. She was so happy.

They arrived at the arena, and it was the busiest place Anna had ever seen. Thousands of girls dressed up and beautiful, Anna suddenly felt plain and boring again.
"This is AMAZING!" Lily yelled. "But I need to go to the bathroom!" She dragged Anna to the bathrooms, and they were both amazed by the queue.
"Yeah, I can't wait that long! I need to go now!" They searched the arena, Lily bouncing up and down, trying desperately to stay in control of her bladder. They reached a cordoned off area, with a sign reading 'Private - Not Open To Members of The Public".
"Perfect!" Lily grinned, "there's bound to be bathrooms down there!" 
"Lily, it's sectioned off, we're not allowed in there!" Anna felt slightly panicky. Her best friend was prone to doing reckless things. It was one of the things Anna admired about her, but not when it involved her.
"Exactly, so it's going to be quiet!" Lily grinned, her eyes searching the arena, before dragging Anna in to the forbidden area. Despite Anna's protests, she felt exhilarated. They searched around, and found that Lily was right, it was quiet. Nobody in sight. 
"Yes! Bathrooms! Okay, I'm going in. You need to stay here and keep a lookout, Anna. I'll be quick." Lily babbled, rushing in to the bathroom. Anna's heart was pounding, and now the adrenaline was wearing off, she was scared. There were dozens of doors, all along the corridor, and any of them could open at any minute, revealing some scary security guards who would throw them both out. 
Suddenly, a door to her right opened, and she saw a man with his hood pulled over his head approach her. Her heart was in her mouth. This was it, they were about to be kicked out. The man pulled his hood down, and Anna saw it was a young, attractive male. She breathed a sigh of relief, obviously not security. He probably wasn't supposed to be here either. She looked at him nervously, as he got closer. He stopped, and she breathed in hard. He was gorgeous! Anna never noticed boys, she didn't have time for them, but even she had to admit that this guy was handsome. Dirty blonde hair, cropped close to his head, deep golden brown eyes... It took her a second to realise he was talking to her.

"You're not supposed to be down here, you know." He was saying. Anna frowned, he was probably a couple of years older than her, casually dressed, he didn't work here, who was he to tell her what she wasn't allowed to do?
"Well, I guess that means you're not allowed down here either. I won't tell if you won't!" She replied, her blue eyes flashing in anger. The boy laughed, throwing his head back. Anna's heart rate picked up, he had a beautiful smile.
"You've got yourself a deal. It'll be our little secret. Are you excited about the show?" He asked.
"Sure, I guess. I mean, I'm here with my friend, she loves the guy who's performing, but I've never heard of him." Anna replied. He looked at her for a moment, as if assessing whether she was joking or not.
"Seriously?" He said, an amused smile on his face.
"Seriously. I've heard he's really famous and stuff, I'm just usually too busy to keep up with that kind of thing. My friend won tickets to meet him after the show. So I'm probably going to be expected to fawn all over him. That's not really my thing."
Corridor guy threw his head back and laughed again.
"I'm sure that'll be an interesting meeting. Enjoy the show." He winked at her, pulled his hood back up and walked off down the corridor, leaving Anna staring after him.

Two minutes later, Lily came out, babbling about how pretty the bathroom was. "I think it was a private bathroom! Can you imagine if I'd just used Justin Bieber's bathroom? Oh my God. That would be awesome! I guess you didn't see anyone while I was in there?" Lily asked, as they walked back to the arena.
"Well... " Anna began, thinking back to corridor guy. She wanted to tell her best friend all about the cute guy who had piqued her interest, but then remembered his words. "It'll be our little secret...".
"No, it was pretty quiet." She finished, smiling secretly to herself.
"NO!!" yelled Lily, startling Anna from her thoughts. "We've missed the opening act! Jeez, how long were we gone?!"
They made their way to the seats that were reserved for them, Anna sat down while Lily bounced around excitedly. Suddenly, thousands of girls joined Lily, as a voice came over the microphone.
'Ladies and Gentleman... JUSTIN BIEBER!' 
The screaming was deafening, lights flashed, smoke machines filled the air with sweet smelling fog, and a sultry beat filled the air. Lily was dancing around, screaming at the top of her lungs as Justin appeared on the stage.
"OH MY GOD ANNA!! THERE HE IS!!" She screamed, dragging her to her feet.
Anna looked up at the guy beginning to sing, and her jaw dropped open.
Shirtless, muscles rippling, looking in to the crowd with those honey coloured eyes, tattoos adorning his skin, the guy on the stage was gorgeous. But that wasn't why Anna was stood there with her mouth open. 

Justin Bieber, was Corridor Guy.



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