The Choice

Anna is 18, and is so busy planning her future, that she's out of touch with the world. She doesn't have time for love, until her friend wins tickets to go backstage at a Justin Bieber concert, and drags her along. Anna has no idea who he is, or how much he's about to change her life.


4. A surprise invitation

The girls made their way to the hotel, Lily on a total high, Anna quiet and thoughtful.
"Can you believe we'll be sleeping in the same hotel as Justin freaking Bieber?" Lily gushed. 
"Um, no. I can't." Anna replied, her voice soft.
"Hey, are you okay?" Lily asked.
"Yeah! Yeah I'm fine. I guess I'm just a little tired." Anna was lying, but she didn't know what else she could say. Her feelings about Justin were conflicting. On one hand, she found him totally sexy. On the other, he irritated her, mocking her in front of her friend. She was also fascinated by the way he made her feel. She'd never been so... affected by a guy. She was totally oblivious to most of them. But the one male who manages to provoke some kind of reaction in her, just so happens to be a multi-millionaire popstar.

They arrived at the hotel, and they'd been given a beautiful, expensive suite. Lily was on the phone to her mom, and Anna was admiring the artwork around the room. A quiet chime rang throughout the room. It was the doorbell. Anna answered it, her heart in her mouth. It was just room service. How stupid was she? Here she was, hoping she'd answer the door and find Justin standing there. What an idiot. Anna shrugged, and vowed that Justin wouldn't enter her mind ever again. It was over. Another chime at the door. It would be room service again. Definitely.
It wasn't. A security guard stood at the door, smiling down gently at her.
"Are you Anna?" He asked. Anna nodded, dumbstruck. 
"Justin Bieber would like to invite you to his suite for a drink." The security guard peered in the room, and lowered his voice. "Just you."
Anna stood still, not knowing what to do. He wanted her to go to his room? Justin Bieber wanted to see her again? Why? She thought about refusing his invitation, but then realised that would make her a total idiot. She whispered in Lily's ear that she was going for a walk, and Lily impatiently waved her away, too busy telling her mom all about the concert.

Her heart was pounding in her chest as she was led upstairs by the security guard. He swiped a card in the door, and opened the door for her, before quietly leaving and closing the door. She was here, ACTUALLY here. In Justin Bieber's room.
"Anna? Is that you?" a voice called, and Anna's legs turned to jelly. Yep, she had to admit it, she was attracted to him. Nobody had ever made her knees weak before.
"Um, yeah! It's me." She called back, holding on the hallway table for stability.
"Great! Come in, I've just got out of the shower." He replied. Anna had to push the image of his muscular body dripping wet out of her mind. She slowly shuffled in to the room and gasped. It was beautiful. Pure white, with accents of gold. The couches were plush and inviting, bright flower arrangements were spread throughout the room, filling the air with sweetness. As she was taking everything in, Justin came in behind her, she whirled round and came face to face with a shirtless Justin, wrapped in a towel, beads of moisture on his shoulder. He placed his arm on the back of her neck, and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek.
"I'm glad you came. I was half expecting you to say no." He smiled, running a hand through his hair. Anna found herself wishing that it was her hand, instead.
"I was going to, but I thought that'd be rude." She responded, her mouth dry.
"You weren't exactly shy about being rude earlier." He grinned again. Anna almost responded angrily, but then realised that she would just be proving him right.
"You were pretty cocky, too." She said, taking a small step back. The more distance between her and him, the better.
He laughed lightly, and Anna watched as his muscles tensed under his damp skin. 
"Would you like a drink? Help yourself at the bar, I'm going to get changed." He gestured toward the bar with one hand.
"Um, I'm only 18." Anna said quietly. Justin looked at her quizzically.
"There's soda on the shelves, Anna. I'm not trying to get you drunk." He smiled once more, a little more formally this time, and proceeded in to what Anna assumed was his bedroom.
She grabbed two cans of soda, and sat down on the couch, her hand lightly caressing the cushion next to her. She felt him return to the room, rather than heard. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. This was bad. She wished she could switch off these annoying little reminders that she was attracted to him. She turned around and he was stood there in a black t-shirt and shorts. Casual as hell, but he looked sexier than ever. She thanked God she hadn't got changed when she'd returned to the hotel, and was still looking pretty hot herself. He sat down next to her, his thigh touching hers. She gasped a little at the contact. Justin seemed relaxed, as he popped open a can of soda. 
"So, Anna..." He began.
"Why did you ask me here?" Anna interrupted. Justin looked a little taken aback, and Anna smiled inside. She'd surprised him.
"You want to get in to that now? No small talk?" He asked, that amused look on his face. 
"Yes, please. It's rather late and I've left my friend downstairs." Anna was trying to sound confident and unbothered by his proximity to her, but her voice was shaking, and she daren't reach for her soda in case she spilled it all over the couch, or even worse, Justin.
"Okay Anna. I invited you up here because you're fascinating. You're the first girl I've met in a long time, who hasn't thrown herself at me the second she sees me. You didn't even know who I was, and I'll admit that I'm not used to it. It took me by surprise. I also invited you up here because you're funny, and beautiful. I'd like to get to know you better." He finished his speech by taking a swig of his soda, and then placed it back on the table, waiting for her response.
Anna was dumbstruck. He thought she was beautiful? Justin Bieber thought she was beautiful? She could barely breathe, let alone form a response.
"Oh." She muttered, her eyes on the floor. Justin hooked his finger under her chin, and lifted her head up. 
"Is that okay?" He murmured softly. Anna felt her heart rate pick up as she tried to tear her eyes away from his. But she couldn't. She watched, almost as if she were floating above the two of them, as Justin moved closer to her, stopping an inch away from her face as if to ask for permission. Anna stopped breathing, and moved the slightest bit towards him, and within a moment, he'd pressed his soft, warm lips against hers and Anna felt like she was flying.

She was kissing Justin Bieber.

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