5sos: a muke love story

Gay ass smut


1. //Prolouge//

Michael's pov

Before the concert started I had to talk to Luke. I just wanted to know if he was gay, because it seems like everywhere we go, he's trying to empress me. And he does, but I want him to be mine. Not that girl he's dating now. And I don't even know how to spell her fucking name. Anyway, I walked up to Luke and tapped on his shoulder.

"Yeah Mikey?" He had his head turned to her, not towards me, but her.

"Um, can I talk to you?"

"Sure, what is it?" He turned to me and smiled.

"I meant, can we talk alone?"

"Okay. Let's go in my room. Ary, I'll talk to you after the concert." I saw him give her a little wink and we went into his room.

"So, Luke, I-" he pushed me on the bed, leaving him on top.

"I only date her to make you jealous." He smiled and kissed me.

I ran my fingers through his hair and said, "I've loved you ever since I the first time we met."

He bit his lip, "You know, I've always wanted to do one thing to you..."

"Really? What?"

"This." He smiled and kissed me while starting to unbutton my jeans.

"Luke, we can't now. We're at a concert and we're about to-" NO MICHAEL STOP. LET HIM.

"I- I mean.." I stuttered looking at his confused expression.

"Let me Michael." I nodded allowing him.

He pulled off my boxers and stopped. "Damn..." He bit his lip as he stared at my member. "Don't stop now. We have to hurry if you want this baby." I smirked as he nodded and leaned down to take it in his mouth. I moaned, "Fuck~ Lucas~" someone opened the door. Really, I've been wanting this so fucking badly.


She nodded and closed the door quickly and loudly. Luke winced and pulled away.

"Maybe we shouldn't. Not here, not now." Luke ran on finger down my chest to my v-line.

"Then when?"

"I don't know..." He looked at the wall.

"But Luke..." Such a fucking teaser.

"Ary is leaving in a few weeks... Maybe~"

"Few weeks? Luke, maybe we could..."

"Or maybe we shouldn't. We should probably just be f-friends..."

"Luke, I can't. I want to hold you in my arms. I want to kiss you when I want too and I want to be able to hold your hand whenever I want too. I'm drooling over you right now. I lo-"

"Michael I-...."

"Let's get to the concert." I said, rolled my eyes, and pulled on my pants.

We walked out of the room, both looking at our feet and not speaking to anyone.

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