5sos: a muke love story

Gay ass smut


2. -Chapter 1-

Michael's POV

So yesterday wasn't so fucking great. But at least I got my pants off...

What the fuck am I thinking?! I need Luke. I want Luke. But for now, I'll give him all the time he needs. Jk.


Luke's pov

I was quickly saddened by the events that happened yesterday. I wanted a relationship with Michael, but I knew I couldn't because I was with Aryazalea. I desperately want Michael, but I-.....

Nevermind. I need to get my mind off of him. So I ask Ashton if he's doing anything and he says he's going to get a massage with some of his friends, so I ask if I can tag along and he says yes.

"Is one of those friends, Michael?" I gulp and hope he says no.

"No. He's going bowling with some girl." He says while texting someone on his phone.

"W-what girl?" He's already seeing someone?! What the fuck goes on in your head Michael?!

"Just a friend. But she's also pretty Friken cool. They seem like siblings when they're together. And almost if they're dating."

I blushed deep red. "You okay there mate? You look pretty fired up. Should we go now?" Ashton asked and put his hand on my shoulder, calming me down.

I nod and grab my jacket, phone, hat and sunglasses. We took an hour to get there, but along the way I was kind of, falling for one of the boys. I think I'm bisexual.... I'm really unsure of exactly what I am, because right now, I'm flirting with Ashton and his friends.

We walked into the room and got undressed. Then the men told us to lay on the doctor-like chairs and we would soon be wrapped in see-weed.

"Can I just be in a robe please?" I asked, so I could reach my phone if we had any band meetings. She nodded and handed me a robe. "Thank you." I said and put it on as I laid back on the folding chair.

"Dude, robe? You're acting more like a girl every minute." Ashton said getting wrapped in see-weed.

"Hey, shut up okay?" I rolled my eyes and fell asleep.


1 hour later the relaxing massages made me fall asleep. So Ashton had to wake me up and the first thing I saw was Ashton's penis.


He chuckled, "Get up dude. We're leaving. And you say a lot of stuff in your sleep.... That you're not supposed too."

"S-so you know about-" oh fuck, oh great Luke. Way to fucking go.

"Aryazalea leaving? Yeah. You're totally fine with it." He said putting his clothes back on.

"Hey guys, can we go bowling?" Dylan, one of Ashton's friends had asked.

"Sure." Ashton said getting his shirt on, meanwhile, I'm still in a fucking robe.

"Oh shit, robe, I forgot." I said to myself and quickly picked up my boxers.

I got dressed and we went to the bowling alley. I saw Michael walk out with the girl under his arm and they were kissing.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to really cry. I've just been broken into pieces.

"Why'd you take me here? I don't want to see mi-" I paused and thought about what I was saying, "nevermind." We went inside and I sat all night thinking about him and that girl kissing. It got me mad, so fucking mad, so when we got home I went in my room, slammed the door shut and punched a hole in the wall.

"Fuck that hurt..." I said shaking my wrist. Someone walked in the room and I looked to see who it was.

"Hey Luke, a-are you okay?" Calum asked looking at the hole in the wall.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I looked at my hand and it was bleeding.

"Luke, you're bleeding. Let me help." Calum said and went to go get a bandage. He came back and wrapped my hand up.

"Thanks cal. I owe you."

"Nah, it's all good. I don't need anything. I-I just wanted to help you." He said and smiled. Calum has a stuttering problem, and it only happens when he's around me. He only talks to me...

So I lean in and kiss him. He kisses back and we instantly are moving like waves on the bed.

"Mph~ Luke~" he moaned and slid his hand up my shorts. I held onto the palm of his hand and bit his lip, teasing him. Ashton walked in. Both Calum's and my head turned to him. Ashton smiled and joined us. He pushed me off Calum and slid both his hands up Calum's shirt.

I got jealous so I went in between the two of them and kissed Ashton. I started sucking on his neck as he kissed Calum and moaned every time I left a hickey. I smiled and unbuttoned his jeans. He looked and me and said, "Are you sure about this Luke?"

"Why would I try to do it, and then not do it. I'm not that stupid Irwin." We chuckled and I finally got his pants off. Michael walked in.

I got up and said, "Get the fuck out of my room." He pushed me up against the wall and said, "Make me, Hemmings." He smiled and flexed while holding my wrists tightly to the wall. Fuck his muscles were huge.

"Hey, clifford, he was about to do something to me. He's not all yours." Ashton said getting up and coming over to pry my wrists off the wall.

"He started with me first dickheads!" Calum said and walked over to the other side of me, kissed my neck, and started to go lower until he found the top of my pants.

"Guys, I'm all yours. You just have to share."

"But what if we don't want too?" Michael said and kissed my neck, causing me to moan.

"Hold on, I need to break up with someone first." I texted art and said it was over and that it wasn't her, it was me.

"Me too." Michael said and pulled out his phone. He closed it a few minutes later and said, "it's done." He smiled and took off my shirt. Calum took off my pants and I was left fully naked on the wall with three other boys looking at me.

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