Fuddy Duddies

This story is about a group of geriatric folks causing mischief for the masses


1. We put the Fun in Funeral

   Grace and Patrick sullenly walked up to the casket that contained their friend Mark's corpse. They were expected to cry and to be sad and downtrodden. Instead as they looked at  their friend Mark, they looked around, and made sure nobody was near. Everyone else in the crowd was grieving and crying quietly, while Grace and Patrick snickered. Grace pulled a shiny black permanent marker from her purse, and began drawing ?'s and !'s on their friends face. They had promised him years ago that they would pull a prank on him at his funeral in order to keep in a light mood despite Mark's passing. 

   Then Grace and Patrick walked away from the casket, and Mark's daughter Eileen walked up to the casket and shouted in horror "Who did this?" "That's a good question" Grace said giggling. Patrick then responded "There is no need to exclaim so loud at a funeral", and he laughed heartily. "You two did this" Eileen yelled, "LEAVE NOW!" "Gladly" Grace and Patrick replied in unison as they chortled loudly.

   "Well Grace, that wasn't a bad party, I wonder if anyone will miss our appearance" he asked in a manner similar to that of a young Rodney Dangerfield. "They will, but they will catch us at the next one most likely" she morbidly laughed. "You know, we aren't as young as we used to be" Grace sighed. "Yeah, I know" Patrick replied, "but that just means we gotta get our kicks while we are still kicking". 

   From this point on Grace and Patrick dedicated their lives to pranking others, and making others laugh. They had always enjoyed a good laugh, but now they lived for it. 

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