One more chance

"Well a man will be spending the rest of his life in prison for the abusement of his daughter,Alex Marie Day" i heard the news reporter say. We had to save her. Only 11 and no one to love her. Lets do this,she has one more chance.


9. Stupid sickness

ash was sick,real sick. I wouldnt leave his side. I refused to go to school,and after 3 tries luke gave up. I sat by the couch,hoping he would get better soon. Hed thrown up 4 times and coughed 1000000000000000 times and more. "Alex?" He whispered. "Yes,im here" i replied. "Why arent u at school?" He asked. 'Im not leaving you ash" i said. He loomed SO bad. His brown eyes looked black and his hair(omygod) and his face loked like trump had just followed and spammed him on twitter. I laid my head on his arm. Tears filled my eyes. My mom had been took to heaven this way. "Baby,please dont cry" he said. I nodded. I dont give a crap if he was sick. I crawled up in the bed with him. "No. Get down Al,youll get sick too" he pleaded. "I dont give a crap" i said. "Oh,alex" he chuckled. I snuggled up in his chest and quickly fell asleep. 

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