One more chance

"Well a man will be spending the rest of his life in prison for the abusement of his daughter,Alex Marie Day" i heard the news reporter say. We had to save her. Only 11 and no one to love her. Lets do this,she has one more chance.


4. Officially dying inside

Its august 12. Its official. I am going to school. No matter if i cry or what i do i have to go. Cal handed me my backpack and stuff. He looked at the clock and screamed like a little girl. Oh lord. "YOUR GONNA BE LATE!!!!" He yelled. The rest of em came rushing me out the door as we got in the door. I sat in the middle between ash and cal. I sighed. Butterflies in my stomach. To ease the pain i put in my earbuds and rested my head on ash shoulder as he played with my hair. "Here we go" luke said pulling out of the driveway.

Blank Space.

Here we go.....

**********************15 min later

There it was. The devils kingdom. School. And papparazzi. Great. I got mad. "MOVE IT DEMONS!!!" I yelled pushing them to the ground. I cokced my head. "Ash,if i die,you can have my room" i said as he nodded. "Bye cheese" he whispered. "Bye" i smiled. Our song came on my phone. 

******Ash (chesse) pov

I was as bout as she was. She was scared enough to will to me her room,she loves her room! My poor cheese!! I am so gonna miss my little block of cheese from now on.....

....alex pov... 

I walked in and sat in a desk on the second desk on the third row. I so wanted to be in my room dancing to Sparks Fly or something,wanted to cuddle with cal.dye mikes hair,and prank luke,and call ash cheese. Suddenly i felt so homesick. Then the teacher walked in. I turned the volume down on my music. "You dont have to turn it down" said a girl beside me,"i do it all the time". She had hers in too,so i turned it back up. who u listening to,she mouthed. one direction and taylor swift i mouthed back. She nodded. She had brown hair and olive skin. Her eyes were blue and she had a black rose choker with a black tank top with jeans. I looked at her desk. She had a name tag that read,JASMINE. I looked back at the red head teacher. 

2hrs later.

Finnaly,recess. I walked out with my phone and blasted my music as i sat on a bench. "You like it loud?" Jas said pulling out my earbuds. I nodded. "Shake it off?  Really?" She said. I laughed. "Haters gonna hate" i said pulling them back in. We downloaded a texting app and texted for the rest of the day. I have made a great inpression. Maybe not so much for liking tay and 1d but hey,i still have a friend!



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