One more chance

"Well a man will be spending the rest of his life in prison for the abusement of his daughter,Alex Marie Day" i heard the news reporter say. We had to save her. Only 11 and no one to love her. Lets do this,she has one more chance.


1. Loved Finnaly

"Its ok,dont be scared" i told her. She backed away. "Its ok love,i love you. I wanna help,please" i held out my hand. She hesitated,thrn took it,no words spoken. Until,"Thank you" she cried into my shirt. I rubbed her back. "Whats your name?"she asked me. "Luke,luke hemmings,and i will love you forever" i said. I brushed her blonde-ish brown hair from her face. She nodded. "Now,lets go home" i said. She smiled. Alex. Alex. Alex. Love. Love. Love. Mine. Mine. Mine. We got in the car. She felk asleep in my lap as calum drove us home. When we got there ashtkn and michael opened the door. I held little alex in my arms as i carried her into my room and laid her on my bed. She clutched jy shirt. I tried to pry it loose;no hope. I laid down with her as she cuddled into my chest. Alex was beautiful,how could her father do this to her? I played with her hair and rubbed her face. I love her SO much,and only want the best for my baby girl,Alex.

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