just a amateur poet trying to find my voice. This poem is probably bad but please read it and give me any advice you can. Thanks, I appreciate it.


1. Memories

People come and go

In and out of your life

But the memories live on

They remind you of who you were

How you felt, and how much you changed.

Memories stay with you

When the people who game to you, don't

Remembering is the worst part

A song comes on and suddenly you disappear into an ocean of sadness

Memories flood through your mind

On those nights when you can't sleep

They make you crumble

And fall apart

Until you're holding onto your bed

As if you'd fall into a pit of death

If you let go

Memories never go away

So that's what's left when everyone is gone

A constant reminder that everything changed

That nothing will ever be the same

They make you want to go back to that time

To feel what you felt back then

So you drink or smoke or go over 100 on the highway

To feel something in your now cold heart

Or even to forget

Because that's the cold harsh truth

Memories ruin you




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