Small Designs Graphics CO.

Cover Store!!! I am a semi legit graphic designer and I"M BACK!!! :D Please request...


1. Information

Things you should know..

I was a designer on this site before, but drama made me leave. I'm back again, with more experience (I think) and I want to use it. Please follow all of the request guidelines I give you, because they help me out a lot. Thank you! <3


Covers/ Banners:

1. Title
2. Author (please state what you want on the cover)
3. Ideas
4. Themes
5. Any other things 
6. Any covers that inspired you to ask for one


Album Art:

1. Album Title
2. Artist Name (I can make an artist logo on the side if needed)
3. Elements
4. Themes
5. Any album covers that inspired you to ask for one


Profile Pictures:

1. What you want it to be
2. Name in it?
3. Any pictures that inspire you


Because I made these forms explicitly, I will ask people to follow them more closely because sometimes what you give might not be helpful at all. If you choose to not follow the forms, I will reject the request. Happy requesting and happy writing!

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