Pandora's Box

Jihun is an outsider and silent master in martial arts. He was supposed to lead a boring and normal life, but one day he meets some man called Elder Park, who made quite strange proposal, not to reject. Jihun couldn’t refuse, because life of his only family member would be threatened. But that deal wasn’t the worst. Soon Jihun meets another person, who will be either an ally or a threat... WARNING: action and sweetness overload!


4. Meeting

Luckily Jihun was conscious enough to duck, but he didn’t expect the other attack, and was kicked in the ribs. He clenched his teeth. Again the ribs...

The tall guy grabbed Jihun’s hood and lifted him.

“Waaah, you look so miserably,” he stated mockingly. “Right, guys?”

Only now Jihun saw that the tall one wasn’t alone. There were three more boys. One of them Jihun recognized from the college – Jeong Inseong. Inseong seemed to recognize Jihun too.

“Hey, isn’t that Bruce Lee?” he said.

“Who?” the tall guy asked.

“Bruce Lee Outsider. You know, that martial artist who kicks up bullies.”

“Then we’re in trouble,” the other boy joked.

“Who the hell is Bruce Lee Outsider?” the tall guy growled, looking at Jihun with more disgust than earlier. “He’s just unlucky puppy, who’ll be our today’s sandbag.”

Suddenly Jihun grabbed his wrist. He looked at the tall guy with cold eyes.

“I don’t like being touched,” he said through his teeth.

“I don’t care,” the tall guy replied and pushed Jihun toward the wall. He pointed at him with a finger. “You’re not going to order me around.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Jihun said sarcastically. “Did I order you? My bad, your highness. Should I transport you on my shoulders to your carriage?”

Jihun heard groaning from tall guy’s pals.

“He didn’t do that, right?” one of them whispered.

“He certainly did it,” Inseong said, not scared like them but curious.

The tall guy grinned and threw a kick, but Jihun stepped back and grabbed his foot. He could avoid this, but that guy’s legs were so damn long. Jihun hit tall guy’s sole, using palm. Thankfully the tall guy had sneakers, so he felt the pain and moved back a little.

“I heard he’s good at finding others’ weakness,” Inseong warned.

“Bullshit,” the tall guy stated and attacked again.

Jihun didn’t use all his power during the fight, but the stubborn attacks of the tall guy tired him soon. The tall guy saw that and took the opportunity, punching Jihun in the face. Jihun literally flew at the fence. That guy was tall and slim, but strong. His moves were weak and bad technically, but his punches were indeed powerful. Jihun sat and wiped blood from his lips, as the tall guy and his gang came closer.

“I don’t see in him this legendary Bruce Lee Outsider,” the tall guy laughed.

“You know that you just admitted that you’ve heard of him,” Inseong muttered.

The tall guy ignored it and grabbed hardly Jihun’s chin. Jihun glanced at him furiously.

That gaze I like,” the tall guy said, smirking. “That’ll be all for today. I guess that we’ll meet again at the college. I assume you don’t have money, so you’ll be only an attraction for my bad days. I’ve got my eyes on you, lame duck.”

When the tall guy and his pals were about to walk away, Jihun clenched his fists and attacked without thinking. He understood the allusion about his poor background and today’s events gave him so much pain, that any of this guy’s punches gave. In result, Jihun lost control over his emotions, which was rare.

He hit tall guy’s back at the same time as rain stopped. The guy fell on his hands, protecting his face. Inseong and others attacked Jihun, but he easily knocked them down. He was only aiming at the tall guy.

“Apologize,” Jihun growled.

“For what?” the tall guy hissed. “For the truth?”

“There’re some things you should not talk about loudly,” Jihun stated. “I may be poor, but stronger than you.”

“Let’s see that!” And the tall guy attacked again.

Jihun stepped aside and hit his neck with an edge of a hand. The tall guy landed on his knees.

“I didn’t mean the physical strength,” Jihun said coldly.

Before the tall guy completely lost his composure, a car approached them. They covered their eyes, because of the blinding car lights. Then a man got out of the car and bowed slightly. Jihun recognized the old man from Elder Park’s house. He didn’t know his full name, but everyone called him Butler Han, if he wasn’t wrong.

“You’re here, Master Jihun,” Butler Han said, and then looked at the tall guy. “I’m glad that you’ve already got to know each other.”

“What are you talking about, old geezer?” the tall guy growled. He pointed at Jihun. “What did you just call him?”

“This is Kim Jihun your father told you about. How is it that you didn’t know? Wasn’t that the reason you’ve met him?”

Father? Met him? Jihun was staring confused at Butler Han. Then a horrible truth hit him hard, that he got dizzy all of a sudden. He looked at the tall guy shocked, and vice versa. Butler Han must have realized what was going on, because he cleared his throat and said:

“This is Elder Park’s second son, Park Seungjun.”

Jihun refrained from opening his mouth, and only blurted out through teeth:

“You’re kidding, right?”

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