Pandora's Box

[WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS CONSIST OF GRAPHIC VIOLENCE] Jihun is an outsider and silent master in martial arts. He was supposed to lead a boring and normal life, but one day he meets some man called Elder Park, who made quite strange proposal, not to reject. Jihun couldn’t refuse, because life of his only family member would be threatened. But that deal wasn’t the worst. Soon Jihun meets another person, who will be either an ally or a threat... WARNING: action and sweetness overload!


2. Elder Park

Jihun walked into a living room, that was as big as his whole house. He opened his mouth in amazement. He closed it quickly, when he saw a movement in the corner of the room.

An elder man with a hat, wearing grey suit, stood up and came closer to Jihun. He pocked Jihun’s chest with a staff and smiled.

“Welcome, Kim Jihun. Call me Elder Park.” He engulfed the whole room with his arms. “Well? How do you like it?”

“Why should I like it?” Jihun blurted. “Sir?” he added quickly.

Elder didn’t look hurt. He even laughed.

“I know it’s too sudden,” he said, placing his hand on Jihun’s shoulder. “But you’ll get used to it.”

“To what exactly? I’m sorry, mister.” Jihun moved away from the man. “But I really don’t understand a thing you’re saying. And I still don’t know why you kidnapped me.”

“Kidnapped?” Elder Park burst out laughing again, but in a second became serious. “You’ll be living here from now on. I’m your new family, Jihun-ah.”

Jihun shivered and stepped back to the door. What kind of joke was that?

“You’re crazy,” Jihun stated and wanted to walk away, but behind the door were at least ten bodyguards. Jihun moved back deeper into the room. Again he was surrounded. “What do you want from me? I don’t have any money and no one would buy my body, if you’re that kind of people.”

Elder Park swung his staff in his hand.

“We’re different kind of people,” he explained calmly. “I know all about you, Kim Jihun. You’re living currently with your sickly grandmother, am I right?”

“How –”

“I have a lot of sources. I didn’t want to do it that way, but I have no choice.” He approached Jihun quickly and grabbed his neck with a staff, pulling him toward himself. “I think you should do exactly as I say, if you want your grandmother to be safe.”

“Are you threatening me?” Jihun whispered through teeth.

“Yes. You’re a bright one, that’s good.” He moved back a little and Jihun stopped clenching his fists. “Ah, I forgot, sorry. You don’t like touching.”

“Who are you?”

“That I can’t tell you.” He thought for a moment. “You can classify us as businessmen. But don’t worry, we don’t do illegal things. What I need is a righteous person like you.”

“To do what?”

“Not only to do, but to be.” Elder Park smiled warmly. Jihun didn’t let his guard down. “You know, I lost my oldest son recently. My only heir. And I’m already old, as you see. I need to pass my legacy as soon as possible.”

“What’s your point?” Jihun asked suspiciously. His hand started shaking again.

“I want you to become my heir. In other words, I want to adopt you.”

Jihun didn’t want to do it, but he couldn’t resist and laughed. Men in black moved, ready to punch him for disrespect, but Elder Park stopped them.

“Man, I didn’t know I was kidnapped by some clowns,” Jihun said.

“I know you’re confused, but I’m serious.”

“Oh, I’m serious too. I’ll call the police.”

“Police won’t help you.”

“Why? Because they’re on your side, or something?”

“Well, some of them yes. But what I meant was that I’m doing nothing wrong.”

“Except for the kidnapping, threatening and saying bullshit.”

Elder Park sighed. Some of bodyguards were red with anger. Jihun thought whether he could escape through the window.

“I’m sorry, Jihun,” Elder Park said, reaching for something into his pocket. Jihun stiffened, sure it was a knife, but he pulled out a phone.

Elder made a call and turned on the speaker. Jihun with anxiety was waiting for someone to pick up. Who was he calling? Friend? Police? Or maybe a thug?

“Hello?” someone said finally.

Jihun felt a cold sweat on his neck. That was his grandmother’s voice.

What are you doing!” Jihun moved his lips silently.

Elder Park smiled.

“Who’s there?” Jihun’s grandmother asked again. “Hello?”

Jihun felt anger. He wanted to punch this man, but he couldn’t move with fear that grandmother will find out he was in a place like this.

“Hello?” grandmother continued. “Oh my... Is this a prank call? Can you hear me?”

Fine! You won! Hang up!” Jihun shrieked voicelessly, giving up and landing on his knees, feeling sudden fatigue.

Elder Park hung up. In the living room fell deathly silence. Jihun clenched his fists again, feeling he cut his skin with nails.

“Well then,” Elder Park said. “Can we talk now about the details?”

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