The mind of a teenage girl

This "Story" I'm telling is about the things i don't dare to talk to people in the real world about. It could be about my worst nightmares, my lifelong dreams or simply just my worries about my grades... Basically just the mind of a teenage girl.


1. Mind fuck of the day... Introduction

I feel like I'm a puppet in gods theater and all i do and say has been predicted, every scenario is thought of and the only way i can do something unpredictable or ruin the manuscript that is my life, is by being mean or bad and that's not who I am... I'm the good girl, but i feel like i can't live up too the pressure that some people are putting on me. I feel like I have had an easy childhood but the last two years i feel like I'm getting bad in school and my creativity has been blossoming the years before but like a flower, the blossom  cant keep going it has to stop at some point and die for other flowers to breath an live. Maybe the earth isn't the place for me. When I'm alone I feel like the world is a cruel place and it would all just be easier if I never had been born or if I just died by the end of my next breath, but i doesn't work like that, I don't work like that. When i steep outside my room my little nightmare factory, I'm happy, suddenly I'm hyped over nothing, in my class it isn't unusual if you hear me get called at bomb of happiness or humor, I have friends, I love them, my friends love me or that's what tell me I hope it's true cause their the family I choose but unfortunately I'm not always known for making the best choices.

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