still working on my writing skills so let me know if there needs to be changes


1. The end

 Running, that's all I could do was run. Why, why where they after me? I was under false accusation of murder in my village, and they wouldn't hear my side of the story. I hear barking in the background. I ran to the edge of the forest, the sun begun its decent past the horizon. The river, I just need to get to the river. Its my last shred of hope to stay alive. At the moment I didn't care if I was stubbing my bare feet on stones and exposed roots. My arms were being shredded by branches of thorns on bushes. I tried to run faster as the sounds of shouts and barking grow. My hopes sore as the river came into view. The new hope of getting away helps my legs and arms pump faster then ever before. Then all of my hopes shatter when I heard a loud clash of metal, and pain explodes in my right as i fell to the ground. I looked back in horror to see the scores of my pain.
 I had stepped into a bear trap. I turned to the iron jaws that had locked into my leg and clawed at it. I was panicking to pry it open with the sounds getting agonizingly closer. My veins ran cold when I looked in time to see three dogs burst through the bushes. They imminently attacked me, growling and barking with pleasure of capturing their pray. The feeling of their canines rip into my flesh made me cry out. The other villagers soon came out to witness the bloodshed before. I plea to them to have the dogs stop their attack on me and have misery. I cried in pain trying to tell them I was innocent. The villagers only watched as the dogs ripped into my body. It felt like eternity before the one a man called off the dogs. At this point  was a bloody mess on the floor. With half lidded eyes I watch the villager who called off the dogs walk ever so slowly towards me, a rifle in hand. A revolting look of triumph and satisfaction plastered in his features. the last thing I saw was the barrel of the gun before everything ended.

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