The Chosen

Xoe is a street teenager living the hard life in London in World war 3.
( this is the firsts story I publish, sorry if I've made spelling mistakes)
Updating almost everyday :))
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2. The fire

I woke up in the middle of the night, nightmare again, it's pretty normal to get them every night when you live in the war. But have you tried that dream where everythings is so real, like a deja-vu rolling over your mind again and again. When you want to wake up but still want to stay to see if anything changes? i know i have. I was ten, i was playing at my friends house her dad where home cooking breakfest in the concrete kitchen with the grey walls and sharp blue lights. I could smell the smoke at first, my house was 2 blocks away. i ran out of the house, the dad came out to me, and he saw where smoke came from and then he knew what i knew. He tried to stop me by grabbing my hand but i got free, and ran as fast as i could to my home. i saw the smoke as i came closer, the flames where sky-high and the smoke was so black and thick that i could'nt see a thing but i kept running. i heard the screeams, i saw a body laying on the ground, my mom her face where pale and her empty eyes looked at me. i've wondered if she could see me but was so close to death that she could'nt talk, but alt least she got to see me one last time before the never ending dark. the body laying next to her was covered in bad burns and ash, but i could reconize the hands. those big cold hands, those who used to hold me when i was crying. those belonged to my dad, i saw the wedding ring shining in the light from the sun. i walked closer to their bodies but something stopped me. A fire fighter had his hand around me, stopping me from collapsing on the ground next to their bodies. i remember that i kept screaming 'thats my house and thats my family' . and then i wake up shocked gasping for air. 

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