The Chosen

Xoe is a street teenager living the hard life in London in World war 3.
( this is the firsts story I publish, sorry if I've made spelling mistakes)
Updating almost everyday :))
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4. Clark

Patrick made a hand sign and we stopped our motorbikes, Brittany and Patrick both had some rusty old ones. It was a dark empty parking lot, the only things there where empty bullets and some old rusty cars like the motorbikes, it was like a graveyard for cars where they came to slowly die and only get used by the street teenagers.

It was almost night time so there was a black filter over everything. One of the car doors opened, it was expected that it would be noisy but I couldn't hear a thing.

And then she was there, Clark came wandering out the car she looked skeptical at first but then Patrick went up to her and whispered something. She looked shocked at me and then she gave me a little smile. It was pretty, she looked more pretty than ever before. The war just made me look more sad and angry, like the light had left my eyes. Her lower lip had a little scar but they where still puffy and looked soft. Her clothing where ripped and dirty, she had a gun in her back pocket, she must have been scared that it was the police coming. The police has guys right from the president to kill us, oh our president is a bitch. Her name is Morgan but we just call her M, she's tall, skinny, pale and has long blonde curly hair. Just what every girl wants to be.

'Hi' I said nervously, 'hey' Clark crossed her arms, she was still smiling 'Welcome to 098'. A big smile spread on my face, it was the first time in a while.

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