Birthday Surprise (EXO)


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It's my thirteenth birthday. All I want is a ticket to an EXO concert. My parents bring out my EXO cake and sing me happy birthday happily with my sisters. Suddenly, my doorbell rings. "I think it's for you Sarah." My mom says as she cuts the cake. I get up suspiciously and walk to the door. Since my door is glass, I see a tall figure dressed in black on the other side. I open the door and gasp in surprise. There stands Park Chanyeol. My celebrity crush. My idol. He's alone. My confusion grows. Chanyeol hands me flowers and hugs me tightly. I invite him into the house and we sit at the table and chat. A couple minutes later, Maybe 15 or so, and the doorbell rings again. I get up to answer it and there stands the other eight boys. Baekhyun at the front. He hands me a lollipop and comes into the house happily. The other boys pile in behind him. Kyungsoo having to wait outside with Suho because the entrance is too small for all eight and can only fit six. Chanyeol greets them and we all sit in the living room instead of at the table. After they all sit down I say "Sorry it's so small, I bet the EXO dorms are so much bigger." After my apology, Lay pipes up "They're not that small, you'll see!" That catches my interest. 

"Haha, what does that mean?!" Kyungsoo then slaps Lay across the head. "Lay! That was supposed to be a surprise!" "Well I guess we have to tell her now!" Suho says in frustration. "Ahh, kkaeppsong!" Baekhyun says and Xiumin, Kai, Chanyeol and I laugh. "Well, since you play such a big part in EXO, we ourselves, not SM, are paying for you to come back to South Korea with us!!" Sehun says, earning an annoyed "I wanted to tell her!!" From Kai. "Too bad! I did!" Sehun says back. "But, for how long?" I ask, this time, Xiumin answers, "SM says it's okay for you to stay with us until our next out-of-Korea tour. So, until August 2018!" My jaw drops in amazement, "That's a long time, when are we leaving?!" Me saying this with such excitement in my voice earned a couple chuckles from the nine boys sitting around me. "Tomorrow night, to make sure we get there early in the day in Korea." Chen says. "Oh. That's not that long. I'm guessing I have to pack." "Just so you know, it's usually hot in South Korea. So don't pack anything too warm. You don't even have to pack everything, just enough or a few days, we can buy you some clothes back in Korea." Suho says. "Oh, okay then. Should I pack now? Just to get it over with?" I say back. A chorus of "Yes"s settles across the boys. "Okay then, let's go upstairs!" I lead them upstairs and into my room. It's small, but all of us fit. I put my suitcase on the floor since three boys already occupied my bed and there is no room left. I open my drawers and empty all of my under garments and socks into my bag, then I go through all my drawers, showing all of my clothes to the boys for them to say whether or not I should bring it. After we're done my drawers, we move onto my closet. I only have a couple of things in there, so it's quick. When we're done, I put all the clothes I'm not bringing back into my drawers. I zip my suitcase and I'm about to pick it up to bring downstairs but Chen swoops in and picks it up for me. "Chen, you don't have to bring it for me." I say, putting my hand on his shoulder. "No, it's fine, I wanted to help." He says, ending the conversation. "So Baekhyun, where are you guys staying tonight?" I ask, my mom pipes in "They're staying here." "Really?!" I say, surprised. "Yeah" Baekhyun confirms. After all this madness, it's now 9:00pm. "Do you guys wanna watch a movie?" I ask. A new chorus of "Yeah" and "Sure" surfaces. I lead them into my living room, I turn on the AppleTV and we watch 'Spirited Away'. Since it's a three hour movie, Lay lies on Chen's thigh and I put my head on Sehun's shoulder. We all fall asleep before the movie ends. I wake up the next morning with a little surprise of Baekhyun's head in my lap. I guess I fell asleep before he put it there. I can tell Sehun is still asleep cause he isn't moving and his breathing is slowed. I start to play with Baekhyun's hair. After 20 minutes of stroking his hair and playing with the strands, his eyes flutter open and he looks up at me, smiling brightly. I keep playing with his hair with no intention to stop, so he reaches up and starts playing with mine. I smile and laugh a little, my movements waking Sehun. "Good morning." Sehun says and lifts his arms to stretch, but while lifting his arms, he hits Chanyeol right in the face. Chanyeol immediately wakes up and holds his nose in pain. "Oh my god Chanyeol! Are you okay?!" My concern a little too loud, and I wake the other boys, us being the only ones awake. "Oops." Is all I say before a new chorus of "it's okay"s is brought to life. After just talking for a while, I encourage everyone to get up and we all go to the kitchen. I look in the fridge and see a whole bunch of ready food with a note from my dad that says 'Made this food for you and the boys, save some for your sisters, or not. I don't know how much these boys eat. -Dad' "Well, looks like we're having this for breakfast! All of you are eating!" I say and take out all the food, the table is already set and the boys move all the food to the table. We sit down and eat, everything is still hot. We enjoy the meal and chat. "What do you boys want to do today?" I ask "maybe you can show us around your town?" Kyungsoo suggests. "Yeah, that would be fun!" Xiumin and Chen say, in sync. "Okay! That's what we'll do today! I hope you don't mind walking around. I'm pretty sure there aren't many EXO-L in this area anyway." The whole day, we walked around town and I showed them my favorite spots and such. When we get back to my house, it's 4:00. We leave at a planned 7:00. We can actually leave whenever we are ready. We are using SM's privet plane. We decide not to wait and we bring my bags to the car. Five of us go in one van and five of us in the other. The ride to the airport is full of singing and laughing. When we get there, we reunite with the other five boys and head to the plane. When I sit down, Kai sits next to me. We talk for a little, then I fall asleep on his shoulder. He shakes me awake. "We're here." He says and helps me get up. "If you're still tired, I can carry you if you like." He says, it's nice to know he cares. "Thanks Kai, but I think I'm good." I say and we get my bag, giving it to some people on our way out of the plane and I put on my mask. We head into the airport. So many screams. Fans everywhere, screaming to the boys. Some girls even scream at me. I don't understand completely but it sounds angry so I know it's directed at me. We get out of the airport and into the vans. I pull down my mask and say "WOW. That was something." Suho chuckles. "Yup." After a while in the car of just singing EXO songs and joking around, we get to the dorm building. We sprint inside. We walk up the main stairs, into the living room. "Okay. I know that you're wondering where you're gonna stay for the next year and a half. Well, we've settled it together and you're sharing a room with Chanyeol. Is that okay?" Suho says. "Yeah, I'm fine with that." I say. "Okay then, I'll show you where it is." Chanyeol says as he takes my bag and walks down the hallway. He slides open the pocket door and we walk into our room. Two beds inside, his desk, my new desk, a bookshelf that's half empty, and one bedside table for us to share. "Want to unpack your things?" He asks. "Yeah." I say and he grabs my bag and walks out. I follow quickly behind him and he leads me to the closets. "You can have Tao's old closet. Next to mine and across from Kai's." He says. "Thanks." I say and unzip my bag, putting my clothes on the hangars and into the drawers. I finish by putting all my shoes on the bottom shelf. I take off my sneakers while I'm at it, and put them in there too. The rest of the day passes quickly and soon, we are all in bed. "Channie?" I ask, no response, I guess he's asleep. I lie in bed for another five minutes before falling asleep. I wake up the next morning to Suho knocking on the door. "Ready to go shopping?!" He asks. "Yup. Let me just get dressed." By get dressed, I mean put on a sweater. "I'm ready!" I say as I walk into the living room. "Okay then, let's go!" Kyungsoo says, walking to the door. We pile into the two vans. When we get to the Seoul mall, my jaw drops. It's huge!! Lay puts three fingers under my chin and gently pushes upwards, laughing. We pull our masks back up and walk into the mall undisturbed. "They closed the mall for us." Kai says. "Oh." I say as we walk inside. Chen takes lead and walks us into a store that reminds me of Forever21. I walk through the store, picking things I like off the racks and walls. In the end, we buy me seven shirts, three pairs of ripped jeans, four pairs of shorts, three jackets, two rompers, two dresses and a whole bunch of accessories, including, fake glasses, ears, hats, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. We move onto a shoe store. We buy me four pairs of high tops, three pairs of heels, two pairs of boots and some knee high socks. I think we're leaving, but instead, Baekhyun steers is into Sephora. We buy me primer, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, brushes. Everything. By the time we leave, I insist on carrying a good deal of the bags. When we get back to the dorms, it's really hard to get inside with out hitting fans with bags and not crushing my new makeup. We walk up the stairs and into the living room, "I'll take these and put everything in my closet." I say and take all the bags down the hall. I unpack all my clothes from the bags and take all the makeup into mine and Chanyeol's room. I look for my makeup case and he realizes this. "Oh! We hung it up in the bathroom, on the back of the door, I hope you don't mind." "Oh no, it's fine. Thanks." I take the Sephora bags into the bathroom and put everything in its designated pouch. The door is still open a little and Kyungsoo peeks his head around and does his creepy face, which scares the living day lights out of me. "OH my god! Kyungsoo!" I yell. "Just wanted to let you know we're going out for dinner; casual." He says laughing. He walks away and looks back, seeing that I'm laughing, he looks infront of him, not quick enough to notice, he walks right into Sehun. They both erupt with laughter and I fall to the ground. Laughter overtaking me. After the laughter dies down, I go back into the bathroom and take off my sweater. I do my makeup for the first time. It's looks really good! I leave the bathroom and get millions of compliments on how good my makeup looks. While walking to the closets, I see Chanyeol in Xiumin's room. I poke my head inside. "Channie?" I ask "Yeah?" He asks back "I'm gonna change so don't come in our room okay? And before you ask, Chen's taking a dump so I can't use the bathroom." "Okay." He says. I walk to the closets and pick out an outfit. A white shirt that has the phases of the moon, black ripped jeans, my new black 3' heels and my middle finger ring, a small necklace with a little music note charm and my new fake black glasses. I bring it back to my room and change. When I walk out, Kyungsoo is walking down the hall. "Kyungsoo, how do I look?!" I ask. "Amazing." He says and continues walking down the hall. We all meet in the living room. "Are we ready?" Suho asks, a chorus of "yeah" is reborn. As we leave, I do a quick head count. "Wait!!! We're missing our Maknae!" I say and everyone freezes. "Sehun?!" I yell down the hall. "I'm coming!!! I was just looking through my closet for this!" He says and hands me a leather jacket. "Sehun, you didn't have to-" "Yeah, I did. An oversized leather jacket is what that outfit needed." He cuts me off. "Okay then. Thanks!" We walk through the crowd of fans again and pile into the vans. On the way there, Xiumin brings up an interesting topic. "You know, we've all been thinking about it and all of us have agreed. You should be in our next concert, if you want. If the fans like you, we can keep you!" Him saying this makes my heart flutter. "You'd let me be in your concert tomorrow night?!" I ask. And with that, we're at our restaurant. "We'll talk about it back at the dorms." Chen says and we get out of the van. The restaurant is small and has such an amazing atmosphere. "The usual table for nine?" The hostess asks. "Actually, we'll have a table for ten today." Suho says. "Okay! Follow me!" The hostess says and we all follow her to our table. A whole Korean bbq is brought out and I watch the boys eat for a few minutes, watching what things they're eating and how. Finally, I reach for something. I eat it and it's really good. I eat more of that before gaining the confidence of trying something else. All of it is so good! I think the Korean food is growing on me! When we finish the meal, Suho pays and we pile back into the vans. When we get back to the dorms, it's already 9:00 and we sit in the living room. "I'm just gonna go take off my makeup." I say and walk off to the bathroom. When I'm done, I walk back to the living room. I sit on the couch next to Sehun. "So, Xiumin told me I can be in your concert tomorrow night."

I said. "Yeah, you can. And we have a plan of how you enter." Kyungsoo says and Chanyeol then pipes up and says "You know how we normally have both walls full of cloaked figures?" "Yeah." I say. Chen continues, "Since they are usually in black, we are gonna put you up there, on the second level, in a white cloak." "Okay then what?" I say, this time, Kai chimes in, "We're going to come in singing 으르렁 Growl. After Sehun does the 'E.X.O' thing, the lights are gonna die out, the music is gonna stop and you're going to uncloak yourself." This excites me. Next Sehun comes in. "Then you're gonna walk down the stairs to the stage, then we're all gonna walk to the middle and do the introduction." "I'm SO in!!" I yell in excitement. "But, what am I gonna do on stage? I don't know the dances or all the lyrics to your songs." I ask. "Well, you can do whatever you want, really. Just keep it appropriate. You can dance with us, play around with us, sing whenever you want. Just sing the right song, of course." Baekhyun says. "And we'll get you a microphone and ear pieces." Lay says happily afterwards. "That's a lot to take in. We all go to bed and the next day, I sleep in and stay at the dorms all day, the boys are on a boring schedule. Constant meetings. When they get back, we leave right away to the concert hall in Seoul. When we get there, we go to wardrobe and styling. We all get our hair done all nice and styled, then our makeup. We all get just normal stuff. Next, wardrobe. A get a white dress with gold details and a white and gold jacket. The boys get the same but with pants. I get my soundpack put in my belt, under my jacket and get my micro phone. I'm the first of us on stage, no one knows I'm there though. The fans just think that there's a random figure with a white cloak instead of black. With my ear pieces in, I can't hear the screams as much. The lights dim and the music starts pouring into my ears through my ears pieces. I shift my head slowly as see the video playing. It ends and the walls part, the boys pour onto the stage. They sing 으르렁 Growl in time with the music in the ear pieces. Suddenly, it's already the 'E.X.O' and Sehun does it then everyone freezes and turns to me. A spotlight is put on me and I raise my arms. The fans go silent, unaware that I'm here. I unhook my cloak and let it fall. The fans scream in excitement and confusion as I make my way down the stairs and towards the boys. I'm reunited with them and we walk to centre stage. I'm standing in between Lay and Kyungsoo. I feel short, but not that short. I take out my right ear piece and listen closely to the introduction. When it comes to my turn, I try to introduce myself in Korean and fail. I sigh and introduce myself in English. I bow and the fans cheer. The rest of the boys finish their introductions and we get back to the concert. We sing monster and I can follow along with most of it. It's so hot on stage, I'm surprised my makeup isn't leaking onto my dress. When we finish the set, we all pour offstage and change. We change into the elf costumes for Peter Pan. It's always been my dream to wear this. I know it's crazy but it's true. After the video, the walls part again and Kyungsoo starts singing. I put my ear piece back in and sing along with the chorus. I know all the dance moves for the chorus of this song so I'm fine. Since EXO is nine, they've never been able to do something in pairs. We all separate into pairs and walk around the pits together. When it gets to the next chorus, all of us face each other and put our foreheads together while singing. The fans cheer louder, I'm paired with Sehun. As we're singing, someone throws something at Sehun and it hits him in the head. My concern level is a little high and I rub his head a little bit. We continue singing. When it's time to change behind the sheet, I have my own little cubicle in the centre. I pop up at the chorus and I bob my head in sync with the other boys. We sing 3.6.5 while behind the sheet. When Transformer starts, we run through the sheet. I just finish putting the bow in my hair when we have to tear the sheet. I look over the wall of my cubicle on my left and saw that Kai had to break through without his shoes. I don't know the lyrics of Transformer well, so I only sing the chorus. After we did El Dorado, we're allowed to roam the giant stage and go see the fans at the barricades. Some fans give me presents and notes. None of them for the boys, all of them for me. So when we all meet again at centre stage and pick up the baskets to give candies to the fans, I personally give some to the girls that gave me stuff. I go back onto the main stage and throw the treats into the pits. The concert hits 3/4 through when we do Jump. I know most of that. After Jump, we go on to Wolf. I kinda just stand off to the side and only sing the chorus. Being at the back really helps my dancing. Then we move onto Thank You's. We all thank the fans and staff and go onto our last song. Which is MAMA. After MAMA, we all stand in the part of the walls, yelling to the fans. "사랑해!!" We all say as the part in the walls closes completely and the mics turn off. "That. Was. Amazing." Is all I say. Then I take off my soundpack and change. When we get back to the dorms, I open my gifts from those delightful girls. They gave me candy and made me things. They wrote me notes and told me they loved me. "Guys this is adorable." I say and all the boy's gather around. I read them the note and they smile. "I guess they like you. We might just keep you around." Kai says. "Well, since EXO-L loves you, maybe you should be at the table at our signing tomorrow afternoon!!" Chen says happily. "I'm down!" I say. "Well, I'm wiped out. I'm going to bed." Baekhyun says. "Me too." I say and walk down the hall, leaving the boys alone. I brush my teeth in the bathroom with Baekhyun. I nudge his elbow and he gets toothpaste across his cheek, he nudges me back and nothing happens. I start laughing. I start rinsing my mouth and when I'm done, I take an extra mouthful of water. Baekhyun doesn't notice, and I spit some water at his back, wetting his gray shirt. He yells and stands up. I run away and he chases me down the hall, I run into the living room, most of the boys still there. "HELP ME!!!" I yell to Sehun and hide behind him. Baekhyun tries to get around Sehun, but Sehun is committed to protecting me. Sehun finally reached forwards and pinches Baekhyun's arm, making him yell "OUCH!!" He yells as the water falls out of his mouth. I start laughing. "Clean it up." I say sassily and hug Sehun. I walk down the hall and knock on my door. "Yeah?" I hear Chanyeol say on the other side. "Just checking if you were changing." I say before sliding the door open. I flop onto my bed. I look at my desk an see a new MacBookPro sitting closed on it. "Why is there a computer on my desk?" I ask Chanyeol. "Cause I bought it for you." Is all he says and I get up and run across the room to him. He's sitting in his desk chair. I bend down and hug him tightly. "Thank you!!" I walk back to my desk and sit down on the black rolling chair. I open my computer and set it up. When I finish, Chanyeol comes across the room and gives me the boys' phone numbers. He goes back to sit on his bed when he's done. I start texting my two best friends, Hana and Sam. I send them a picture of EXO and ask both of them to pick a guy that they would say I Love You to. Sam picks Chanyeol and Hana picks Baekhyun. "Chanyeol?" "Yeah?" He says back "Can you do me a favour?" I ask "Yeah sure, what is it?" "Can you take a video of you saying 'I love you, Sam' for me?" I ask and I bring him my phone. He starts filming and says "I love you Sam!!" And ends the recording. "Thank you!!!" I say and hug him. "I'll be back." I say around the door. I go to Baekhyun's door and knock. "Yeah?" Kai says as he answers the door. "Is Baekhyun here?" I ask. "I think he's in the closets?" Kai says. "Thanks!" I say and I'm off. I walk into the closets to see Baekhyun crouched on the floor next to my closet. I gift bag is infront of him and he jumps back, frightened. "Uhh, can you do me a favour?" I ask him. He stands, "Sure!" "Okay, my friend Hana really likes you. Can you take a video of yourself saying 'I love you, Hana!'?" "Okay." He says and takes my phone. He starts filming and says "I LOVE YOU HANA!!!!!!" And ends the video. "Thank you!!!" I say and hug him with so much force that he steps backwards. "Well, now that that's over, what's that?" I ask and point to the gift bag on the floor infront of my closet. "BOYS!!!" Baekhyun yells and everyone come running into the closets. Chanyeol stands at the back and smiles at me happily. I sit on the floor infront of it and undo the bow that ties the two handles together. I take out the first piece of tissue paper and unwrap what's inside. I open it and see that it's a Chanyeol emblem from EXORUN. They must have known that was my club. "Oh my god." I say in amazement as I hold the emblem. I carefully place it on the floor next to me and pick up the next piece of tissue paper. I open it and see a hundred dollar iTunes card. I place that next to me and pick up the third piece of tissue paper. I open it and see a ring box. "What's this?" I ask and open the box. I cover my mouth. "It's a promise ring. We got it made for you. It's to show you that EXO will do anything to make you happy and enjoy your time here." Xiumin says I take another look at the ring. It's white gold. In the centre, it breaks and is held together with 'EXO'. "It's beautiful." I say. I keep it in the box and place it next to me. I take out the final piece of tissue paper and unwrap what's inside. It's my earpieces. I look at the sides and almost shed a tear. They weren't just white anymore. They had music notes going up the sides and the boys names are written on both sides. On one side, there was a little box and it said 'Yehet' in it. I laugh when I see this. On the top on the other side said, really small, 'Welcome to EXO' this makes me cry a little. "Thank you boys so much!" I say. "It's not over yet." Chen says. "Open the bottom." Lay says. I lift the bottom paper and see a key. "What's this for?" I ask. "Chanyeol got it made for you." Sehun says. "It's the tenth key made for this door." Chanyeol says and points to the door at the back wall. I've never paid much attention to it. I stand up and unlock the door. I open it and walk inside. A giant arcade is what I found on the other side. "Always tell someone before you go inside." Suho warned. "We need to know where you are." He said again. We all walk further into the room. We split up and play games by ourselves and in pairs. After a couple hours, we leave and I pick up my presents and head back to my room. I set all my new gifts up on the shelf behind my desk and below all my fan art hung up on the wall. It's only a small collage now, but I hope to improve it and make it bigger in the future. "We're gonna watch a movie, wanna come?" Chanyeol says around the door. "Yeah, one sec." I say and get up. I close the door behind me and walk down the hall into the living room. We're about to start the movie and my phone starts ringing. I sit on the couch next to Sehun and say "It's my friend. Do you mind?" A chorus of "No"s is born and I click accept. "Hey Lee!!" I say. "Hey Sarah!" She says back. "How's South Korea?!" She asks. "It's amazing!! But what makes it even better is all the boys that brought me here!" I say and Sehun comes on screen "Hi!! I'm Sehun!" He yells. "Ow! My ear!" I say and he apologizes. "How's JRHS?!" I ask her. "It's fun. I like it. I miss you!" She says. "I miss you too!" I say back. Chen leans down from his spot on the arm rest and puts his head on screen. "I miss you too!!" He says. Lee and I laugh. "Anyway, we're about to watch a movie and it's getting late. I miss you! But I have to go. I'm sorry! Call me at maybe 8 tonight in Canada. It'll be around 11 tomorrow morning here in Korea!! Love you!!" After I say that, all the boys yell "LOVE YOU!!!!" Before Lee says "I love you" and I hang up. We proceed and watch the movie. I fall asleep after an hour. I wake up the next morning with my head on Sehun's shoulder. This happens to us a lot. I get up slowly and go back to my room. I look at my phone and see it's only 8. We have our signing today. So I walk to the closets and pick out what I'm going to wear. I pick out a white knee-length dress. It has rib cut-outs and no sleeves. It flares a little and it truly is beautiful. I take it back to my room and put it on the back of my desk chair. I sit down and open my computer. I type my password and open Safari. I look up reviews for my first concert. They are all amazing. Fans saying they love me and hope to see me again. I open YouTube and start watching the Try Guys on Buzzfeed. Chanyeol walks in. He rubs his eyes and says in a groggy voice, "Whatcha watching?" "Buzzfeed" I say back. The conversation ends and he goes to his desk. Suho pokes his head around the door. "We're leaving at 9. We wanna be there before too many fans are there." He says. "Okay. I'll go change in the closets so you can change in here." Chanyeol says as he gets up and walks out. I close the door and get changed. My makeup is going to be done at the venue so I don't bother. I walk into the living room and Sehun smiles when he sees me. I kept his leather jacket on the back of my chair and put it on today. I think it looks good. "You look amazing." He says. The other boys sitting on the couch in jeans and dress shirts nod in agreement. I put on my music note necklace with the help of Kyungsoo and I sit on the couch next to him and wait for the other boys. While I'm waiting, I notice the smell of Sehun's jacket. It smells really good. His cologne is awesome. When all of us are out, we leave and drive to the venue. The line of fans is already so long. We go in the back room an get our makeup done. I just get neutral colours and eyeliner with red matte lips. We walk to the table and the fans start screaming. I sit in between Kai and Chen. We sit at the centre of the table, so the first girl takes a couple minutes to get to us. When the first girl gets to Chen, my adrenalin kicks in and I get really excited, yet calm. "Hi sweetie." I say to her when she comes to me. She looks about 8 years old. "Hi Sarah!!" She says. "Would you like me to sign something for you?" I ask her. "Yes please!" She says and hands me a paper. I sign it and she says "Thank you! I love you!" And she moves on to Kai. The second girl, and the third, and the fourth pass and I see a familiar face. "Hui?" I ask when she comes to me. "Sarah!!!" She says. "Oh my god!!" I say and get up. I hug her over the table. "How's everyone back home?" I ask her. "They're fine. How are you?" She asks. "I'm great!" I sign a paper for her and write a little message about how I think Korea is and how I'm wearing Sehun's jacket and about how it smells and about how I'm sharing a room with Chanyeol. We say bye and she hands me a gigantic box. "Thank you Hui!!" I say as she moves onto Kai. "Hi dear! What can I do for you?" I ask the next girl. She hands me a box and a paper. I sign the paper an place the box behind me, next to the one Hui gave me. I look over at the boys boxes and see they are half full. I sign about 50 more papers and notebooks before one girl finishes with Chen and comes to me. She has a disgusted face and she hands me a red paper. I take it and she moves onto Kai. The next couple hundred girls pass quickly and some hand me gifts and some don't. I sign papers for all of them and eventually, the signing is over. We get our boxes taken away to the dorms. We pile into the vans and drive back to the dorms. When we get there, our boxes are sitting on the floor infront of our door. No one but us can really get inside the dorms. There is a door the separates the stairs from the actual dorms. SM can get in the first door. Not the second. We pick up our boxes and take them into the living room. We open gifts for about two hours. I have double what the boys have, but it takes me the same amount of time to open all my gifts because I don't read the notes. They are personal from the fans and I'll read them in my room later. The fans got me candy and clothes. The giant box from Hui was brought to my room. I open it after placing all my gifts on my desk and see a pile of clothes, a pile of makeup and a pile of envelopes. Chanyeol walks in as I take the envelopes out of the box. They all have my friends names on them. They must have gotten together to write notes for me so Hui can bring them all to me. How sweet. I start taking all the makeup out carefully. Hui bought me Korean beauty products and skin cleansers with a note that says 'You'll be wearing a lot of makeup as a KPop Idol. You'll want to keep your skin clean.' I smile and place it all on my desk. I pull out the clothes. It's all workout clothes. I take it all to my closet an hang it up and put it in the drawers. I go back to my room and look through the notes from my friends. I see a name that I dread. 'Matthew' it says on the front of the envelope. I take all the envelopes to my bed. I read the one from Matthew first. It says a whole bunch of stuff about how he still likes me and wants to go out when I go back to Canada. I've already turned him down seven times. What more does he want. He'll probably only stop if I get a boyfriend. I open all the letters and end up crying. There's even one from my friend Isaiah. I haven't seen him in two years. Chanyeol walks over to me and sits on my bed. He hugs me and I stop crying after about three minutes. "Thanks." I say and he says "No problem." As he walks back over to his desk. I check my Instagram and see that I've gotten 4,000 followers since last night. "Do we have a concert tomorrow?" I ask Chanyeol. "No. Why?" He asks. "I wanna get my hair bleached." I tell him. "Oh. Okay. I think Sehun wants to get his redone too. You can go with him."

He says. "Okay." I say. I pick up my phone and text my mom 'Thoughts on me bleaching my hair?' I text. She answered a couple minutes later. 'I would prefer you wouldn't, but if you want to, go for it.' I reply 'Thanks. I'm getting it done tomorrow with Sehun. Anyway, I have to go, the boys and I have to train for our next concert. Bye!' 'Bye!' She responds. I take my phone and walk out of the room. "Guys!!" I yell. "I'm gonna change for training in the closets!! Don't come in!!" I say before walking into the closets. I put on my new black and white workout bra and thin white sweater that Hui brought. I put on leggings and my sneakers. I walk back to my room and knock on the newly closed door. "One sec." Chanyeol says on the other side. He opens the door soon after, shirtless. "Dude, put a shirt on." I say and walk quickly over to my desk and sit down. I take off my ring and put it in its box. I open my phone and go on a group chat I made with my friends. I rename it 'Miss you guys!!' And text, 'Guys! I'm bleaching my hair tomorrow night!! Tomorrow night for me anyway. I'm going training with the boys now!! Getting ready for my second concert in two days!!' I get replies quickly. 'OMG!! You're bleaching your hair?! You're famous?! You beat me in follower count on Instagram?! When did all this happen?!' My friend Olivia replies. 'I'm so happy for you Sarah! I hope you enjoy your time in Korea! Make the best of it! I'm a huge fan!' My friend Sam says 'Agreed' Jack says. 'Hope you like Korea! Biggest fan!' Matthew says. I roll my eyes at his comment. Everyone is just saying how they love me and hope I have a good time. 'Don't let the fame get to you. We love you. Just, if you ever get ridiculously famous. Don't let the fame get to you. Stay close to home. Remember us.' Hana says. 'I promise I always will. And thank you guys for the letters. Hui gave them to me today. I really appreciate it. They made me cry. Chanyeol had to completely stop what he was doing and come get me to stop crying. Perks of having an amazing roommate. Anyway, I have to go train. I love you all. Sehun just called me. Gtg. Bye!!' I text and 'Love You's and 'Bye's are the responses. I put my phone in my pocket and tie my hair as I walk down the hall. I meet the boys in the living room and we make our journey out the first door. But, this time, we make our way around and go out a side door. We get out and walk across the street without any fans swarming. We walk calmly into the SM building and to the elevator. We go up 5 floors and get off. We pour out of the elevator into a gym. Some of the boys start on treadmills and some start on weights. I get on a treadmill and start running. I run for about half an hour before I finally slow down and get off. Next, I pull out a yoga mat and lie on my back. I do 200 sit-ups and stand. After this, I do 100 burpees and then I close with 100 crunches. When we head back to the dorms, I'm wiped out. When we get there, I say to Sehun, "Chanyeol told me you wanted to get your hair redone tomorrow?" "Yeah. Why?" He asks back. "Well, I was wondering if I could come with you. I want to get my hair bleached." I say to him. "Yeah sure!" "Okay, thanks!" I say as I walk back to my room. I sit at my desk and open my laptop. I type my password and open Facebook. I see what my mom had been doing and close it. I open Instagram and see that I have 1k followers. I look at my pictures and see the thousands of likes and comments. I smile and close the app. I turn off my phone and bring my computer to my bed and open Netflix. I start watching Fairy Tail and Sehun comes in. He walks over and sits on my bed. "Whatcha watching?" He asks "Fairy Tail. In English." I say. "Can I watch with you?" He asks. "Yeah sure!" I say and turn my computer. I sit with my back against the wall and Sehun sits with me. I play the show and we watch for hours. Chanyeol walks in. "Hey Sehun." He says as he lies in his bed. "By the way, it's 1 am." He says. "Oh." I say. "Whatever. I want to keep watching. Do you?" I ask Sehun. "Yeah. Let's keep watching." He says. "Okay. You don't have to wear headphones. I'll be on my computer." Chanyeol says as he pulls up his computer and sits opposite to us. We continue watching. Eventually, I fall asleep on his shoulder. When we wake up, it's noon. My computer is closed in front of us. I lift my head off Sehun's shoulder and he wakes. "Morning sleepy." I say. "Morning."

He responds. I open my computer and check Instagram. I have a notification that Chanyeol posted. I click on it and it takes me to a picture posted last night. I look at the pic. It's me and Sehun sleeping in front of my computer. I look at the comments. Most of them are 'I SHIP IT' and 'SO CUTE'. I show Sehun and he gets up. Chanyeol is still asleep in his bed. Sehun walks out and sits on Chanyeol's sleeping body. He wakes up and starts hitting Sehun. I peel Sehun off Chanyeol and laugh. When I stop, a sharp tone takes place in my voice. "What's this?!" I ask as I show him the pic. "I thought you two were cute, so I snapped a pic and posted it on Instagram." He answers. "Okay. Just please don't post any more pics without permission." I tell him. "Gotta take my shower." I say as I walk out and to the bathroom. I enjoy a hot shower. When I get out, Sehun takes his, then Sehun, Baekhyun, Chen and I leave and go to a hair salon. Sehun and I get our hair done. When we're done, we drive back to the dorms and I sit in front of the full length mirror in the hall. I turn my flash on and take the first pic of me with blonde hair. I post it on Instagram and start getting likes right away. Xiumin walk out of his room. It's the first time I see him today. And it's already 5. "Oh my god. You look amazing. But, what's it with you and Sehun? There are so many rumours." He says. "There are rumours? One picture on Chanyeol's Instagram and there are rumours?" I walk to my room and sit at my desk. I open my computer and look up the rumours. I see things like 'EXO's Sehun and Sarah dating?!' My jaw drops. I get right to it and make a Twitter. I make my first tweet. 'Just to clarify, Sehun and I are not dating. We are just really close friends and we happened to fall asleep while watching a show on my computer.' I post it. It starts getting comments and retweets. I get follows and tags. I pick up my phone and say "Xiumin, come here, let's take a selca." I stretch out my arm and hug Xiumin close. We smile and I snap a picture. I post it to Instagram and the comments start and the likes come rolling in. Thankfully, the fans believe me.

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